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ebonyfeather's journal

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24 January
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  • ebonyfeather@livejournal.com
I'm a writer (mainly novels and some short stories) and I have been included in quite a few print poetry anthologies. I have had three works of fiction published so far. These are-

28 Hours - a general fiction novel under pen name Mia Brookes and released in ebook format in May 2010. It has now been released in paperback- January 2011.

See http://miabrookes.webs.com for details.

Bark at the Moon - a m/m paranormal erotica novella under pen name Julia Davies - released in August 2010 in ebook format.

Out of the Shadows - a m/m paranormal erotica novel set in the same universe as BATM and released in e-format June 2011. Released in paperback in August 2012, as a single edition with Bark at the Moon.

See http://juliadavies.webs.com for details.

Alternatively, I post on livejournal here - which I use as a general blog / author update site.


I collect swords and knives- yes, real full-size ones-, books and leather jackets (even though I'm running out of room for all three!)

At present, I only really use this lj site for posting fanfic; since I post on quite a few different fansites, I thought I'd get it all together in one place. As you'll know if you've had a look, the majority of it is slash. I don't know why, but the guys are just so much more fun to write. It's just the way my mind works, I guess.

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