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Access all Areas (2/2)

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Matt/Becker, Connor/Lester, Jess/Emily, Abby/Mark (oc)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 12,055 in total (5602 this part)
Summary: After the anomalies become public knowledge, people want answers, and so Lester’s superiors decide to allow a film crew access to the ARC for a behind the scenes documentary.
SPOILERS: A few for the end of series 5.
Part 1

Becker thought about yelling to attractthe creature's attention but that would likely antagonise it even more, and probably set the others off as well. Instead, he made his way between the creature and Matt, backing slowly toward Matt and helping him to his feet. The creature seemed to stop when it saw Becker, reacting as they had earlier and merely veering away from them again to follow the rest of its herd.
Becker waited until it was out of hearing range, the rest of the team continuing to walk them back toward the anomaly, before lowering Matt back down to sit on a tree stump.
“Are you alright? How bad is it?”
Matt shuffled slightly, flinching as he moved. “I’ll be fine. The knee is just twisted- I hit the ground at a weird angle- and I could have a few good bruises for a while, but it doesn’t feel as though I cracked any ribs. Damn thing was stronger than it looked,” he said.
“That bloody idiot is the one to blame,” Becker pointed out. “That’s it; they’re not coming near another anomaly, not after this. He could have got you killed just because he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut.”
“Becks, I’m fine,” Matt assured him, looking amused. “Now, help me up and we can go home.”
Becker and Matt arrived back at the anomaly site just as the last of the creatures was wandering through. As soon as it was gone, Connor locked it down but there was no need. Moments later it began to shimmer before vanishing completely.
Martin looked up as they approached slowly, Matt limping and being supported by Becker.
“Are you-” The pair of them walked straight past him without a word and he sighed. “Alright?” he finished to himself.
This time, none of the camera crews attempted to ride back with the team, word of Martin’s mishap and outright dismissal having spread between them. They took their own vehicles, arriving back at the ARC just a few minutes after the team.
Lisa, the other half of Martin’s crew, came forward as the others got the equipment out of the cars.
“How badly hurt are you?” she asked Matt as Becker helped him back into the ARC. “I am so sorry.”
Matt smiled at her. “It wasn’t your fault. I’ll be fine.”
“I’m glad to hear that,” another voice said.
The three of them turned to see Martin hovering nearby, listening. Becker’s expression turned stony and he told Lisa to make sure that Matt was okay for a minute before advancing on the soundman. Martin backed away a couple of steps as Becker got closer, looking worried when his back hit the wall and there was nowhere else to retreat to.
“I said I was sorry!”
“So you bloody well should be,” Becker snapped. “I told you to keep quiet, just one simple thing to do and you manage to fuck it up and almost get someone killed. Well, not any more. For the rest of this sodding week you are confined to the ARC. You don’t come near me, or Matt, and you most certainly do not set foot near another anomaly. Is that clear?”
Martin nodded, swallowing hard, and looking as though he still expected Becker to thump him. Judging from Matt’s hand on his arm and him telling Becker to back off, Matt thought so too.
“Becks, come on. Leave it.”
Becker glared at Martin one last time before turning away to take Matt to get checked out by the medics.
Two hours later, Matt had been cleared by the medics, had his knee strapped up and been given some strong painkillers, before being told to go home and rest. Knowing that Matt would do nothing of the sort if left to his own devices, Becker had been given the same instructions and had promised to make Matt follow them.
Becker had come back for him after giving his report to Lester, Lester backing him fully when he’d explained exactly why one of the documentary crew had been publicly berated and instructed to keep out of Becker’s way.
“I’ll break the news to Alison,” Lester offered. “If she hasn’t found out already, that is. In the meantime, take Matt home and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.”
Becker smiled. “I’ll try, but you know what he’s like.”
Becker collected Matt from the break room, where Abby had taken him after the medics released him, knowing that if he got to his office he’d only find some work to do. Abby had made him a cup of tea and was currently force-feeding him chocolate digestives.
“Ready to go?”
Matt struggled to his feet, swearing when he put weight on his left knee and stumbled slightly. Becker caught him, letting him catch his balance before steering him toward the car park.
“Can we just grab my stuff from my office?”
Becker held up the canvas backpack that Matt had brought in this morning. “Already did. And no, there aren’t any of your files in here. No work, remember?”
“You’re mean. I’m going to be bored out of my mind sitting around with nothing to do. You know I hate being bored.”
“So read a book or watch TV.”
Matt smirked suggestively, leaning a bit closer to Becker than he really needed. “Or you could keep me entertained.”
Becker shook his head. “The doc said no strenuous activities.” He saw the pout appearing on Matt’s face and relented. “We’ll see. Now, come on, let’s get you home.”
Alison had summoned Connor about half an hour ago, spending the first part of his interview talking about the technology he’d created for use on the project. So far, this wasn’t too bad, he thought. From the way that the others had been reacting, he’d expected this to be awful.
“Now, we really must talk about your time in the past,” Alison said. “You were there for almost a year, weren’t you? How difficult was it to survive there, with no supplies or anything to defend yourselves with?”
Connor nodded. “It was rough to begin with, but we had no choice but to learn how to catch things for food or what berries and vegetation we could eat. The worst thing was that, after a while, you start to think that maybe you’ll never get back, that the anomaly won’t ever reappear. There were some mornings where just dragging myself out of bed was almost impossible, wondering what the point was.”
“But at least you had Abby there with you,” she pointed out.
Connor smiled. “I’m not sure what I would have done without her; we kept each other going. We looked out for each other.”
“You sound as though you and she are very close.”
“We got along right from the start. I mean, we lived together for years.”
Alison’s eyes gleamed as she caught wind of what could be a good story. “You lived together?” Connor nodded. “And it doesn’t it bother you that she’s dating Mark Andrews?”
“Why would it?” he asked, confused for a moment before it dawned on him. “You think we were living together? No, she just let me stay in her spare room when I needed somewhere. She’s my best mate, nothing else.”
“From watching the two of you I assumed that, during your time in the past, you’d had a romantic involvement.”
Connor shook his head. “No. I already had someone before we got trapped there, and I knew that we’d get back. I wasn’t ready to give up on that.”
Alison waited for him to continue but, when he didn’t, she flashed him a charming smile.
“Now come on, Connor, you can’t just leave it there. Tell us about her. Or him,” she added hastily. He remained silent and she sighed. “It must be difficult to maintain a relationship when there are the daily risks that you all face. Especially when the project was classified; you would not even have been able to discuss it with anyone.”
Connor tried to keep a straight face as she went through various attempts to get him to tell her what she wanted, eventually giving in and laughing.
“Sorry,” he told Alison, seeing the offended look on her face. “The others warned me about you, and no, I don’t really want to discuss my private life on camera.”
Giving in, Alison continued the interview, taking about the project and the team. She asked about how it had started, about the early days.
“You were studying at University under Professor Cutter, weren’t you?”
Connor nodded. “Nick- Professor Cutter- and Stephen Hart and I went out to check up on that first anomaly in the Forest of Dean. I’d found an article about an animal attack there, but it looked wrong, not like a modern predator. We were a bit disorganised back then but it was fun. The whole thing was one big adventure; I don’t think we really knew what we were getting into.”
“I understand that Stephen Hart and Nick Cutter were both killed in the line of duty,” Alison prompted.
“If you can call being murdered by a psychotic ex-wife ‘in the line of duty’,” Connor replied bitterly. “She might not have pulled the trigger like she did to Cutter, but Helen is still responsible for what happened to Stephen too.” He paused, thinking back. It still hurt to talk about them, to remember those last moments with Cutter or thinking about what Stephen must have gone through in that room. His throat was beginning to tighten and he took a deep breath, chasing away the memories. “Look, I’m sorry; can we talk about something else? They were my friends, you know?”
Alison didn’t argue for once, just changed the subject, Connor gratefully accepting it.
Becker had brought Matt home an hour ago, trying to make him go to bed as per the medic’s orders, but the other man had refused, objecting to being treated like an invalid. Instead, he insisted that he would be fine to sit on the sofa and watch TV, but Becker had seen him shifting uncomfortably, his eyes closing as he began to doze off. Eventually they’d reached a compromise; Matt would go to bed, but only if Becker went with him. It was the best he was going to get, Becker knew, and at least Matt had his knee elevated and wasn’t aggravating his other injuries. He’d brought Matt’s medication and bottles of water for him to take them with so it was at hand for when it was needed, putting them within reach.  
A few minutes later Becker settled in bed next to Matt, under threat of being beaten to death with a pillow if he even asked if Matt needed anything, trying to keep himself at a distance so as not to lean on any part of Matt that was battered or bruised.
“Becks, I’m going to start thinking you don’t like me any more.”
Becker sighed. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
Matt rolled over, barely suppressing a hiss of pain as his ribs pulled, and curled himself against Becker’s back. Becker could feel warm breath against his neck as Matt got comfortable on the pillow, sliding an arm around Becker’s waist. It was a sign of how exhausted Matt was that a short time later he heard Matt’s breathing slow, turning into soft snores. Only then did he let himself close his eyes.
The following morning, Becker was awakened by his phone ringing insistently and grabbed it before it woke Matt. Carefully getting out of bed, he went to the kitchen to answer it.
“What’s up, Connor?”
Connor sounded apologetic as he said, “We’ve got another anomaly. I wasn’t going to call you but James thought you’d be annoyed if I didn’t.”
“Connor, it’s okay. Where is it?” He wrote the location down on the edge of the newspaper on the kitchen table. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
He got his clothes and took them out of the room to dress but he need not have bothered.
“Becks, what are you doing?”
Bugger, Becker thought. He was trained to be stealthy but still Matt heard him even when he was asleep.
“Connor called; I’ve got to go. And you,” he said, seeing Matt attempting to get up, flinching with each movement, “are staying here.”
“Like hell I am.”
Becker finished pulling his t-shirt on and slid his feet into his boots. “You’re on sick leave so, yes, you are.”
Still Matt struggled out of bed, almost falling over when he tried to pick up his jeans. He sighed, sitting down on the bed again.
“You might as wait for me because, if you don’t, I’ll just follow you in my car. On my own.”
Becker smiled. “Not if I take away your car keys.”
“So I’ll call a taxi,” Matt countered.
Counting to ten in his head, Becker resisted the urge to strangle Matt. “Can you even get dressed?”
Matt scowled at him. “Of course I can,” he snapped, then, “Pass me my jeans, would you?”
In the end Becker ended up almost dressing Matt, seeing as the man couldn’t even bend to tie his laces. He thrust the bottle of water and packet of painkillers into Matt’s hand, grabbed both of their coats, and bundled Matt into the car. He should have been there ages ago, he thought, looking at his watch.
In the passenger seat, teeth gritted, Matt flinched each time Becker hit a pothole in the road.
“You’re doing it on purpose now, just to prove a point,” Matt complained.
Becker glanced at him. “No, I’m not, but if you feel that bad you should have stayed at home, shouldn’t you?”
He expected Matt to argue with him, to tell him for the hundredth time that he was fine, but he didn’t.
The reply was so quiet that Becker only just heard it. He smiled, knowing that Matt must really be hurting if he was agreeing.
“Have you taken those tablets yet?” Matt shook his head and Becker sighed, knowing that he didn’t like taking medication if he didn’t need to. Unfortunately, at the moment, he needed to. “They wouldn’t have given you them if you didn’t need them. Have a couple and they might have kicked in by the time we get there.”
Fifteen minutes later, Becker pulled the vehicle up next to Abby’s and climbed out, relieved to see that Matt was staying where he was. He looked around but there was no sign of a creature incursion or an anomaly. There were just a couple of his men guarding two camera crews as Emily showed them something she was holding in her arms.
“Looks like they’ve found something,” he said to Matt. “I’ll be back in a minute.”
He made his way over, being met by Connor before he even reached them.
“I’m sorry I called you; the anomaly vanished about five minutes after we got here- Wait, is that Matt?” he asked, squinting at the car. “Is he alright?”
Becker rolled his eyes. “Not really, but he was determined to come along anyway. I think he’s regretting it.”
“Well I have something that will liven his spirits,” Emily announced as she approached. “This poor thing was left behind when the gateway closed.”
In her arms she held what looked like a lion cub. It was about the size of a small cat, with huge dark eyes and a gold and white mottled pelt. It didn’t seem particularly afraid as it cuddled up to Emily.
“Isn’t it cute?” Connor asked, smiling as he reached over to pet it.
Becker had to agree with that, and he had a feeling that Matt would too, but the thought of having the cub here made him nervous.
“Are you certain that the mother isn’t here too?” he asked Emily.
She shook her head. “I tracked them- there were three cubs and the mother. We saw the others go back through just before it closed but this little fellow was too slow.”
Looking around, Becker knew that there was nothing for him to do here. The others had caught the critter and the anomaly had closed on its own, so there was no point in them all hanging around. He cast a quick glance at the camera crews, both teams keeping their distance after the last disastrous outing; for once, none of them came to ask him a stupid question. Maybe he should have yelled at one of them days ago.
By the time he got back to the car, Emily had taken the little cub to see Matt and now he sat with it on his lap.
“We can’t just leave him in the menagerie,” Matt was saying, gently stroking the soft fur on the cub’s head. “He’s too little.”
“It is only a youngster,” Emily said, studying it. “I doubt it has even been weaned from its mother yet.”
“They raise baby animals all the time in rescue centres and zoos. We’ll manage.”
Becker climbed into the drivers’ seat. “Right, give the critter back. I’m taking you home,” he told Matt.
“But Becks…”
With the cub, Matt and Emily giving him the huge puppy-eyes, Becker sighed. That wasn’t fair; they were playing dirty.
“We’ll take it to the ARC and let Abby check it out,” he said, seeing Matt brighten. At least the cub was taking his mind off the fact that he hurt just about everywhere. Emily caught Becker’s eye and smiled, and he realised that she’d planned this all along. She knew as well as the rest of them that Matt needed something to keep him occupied, and what better than looking after the cub?
“Would you like a lift, Emily?”
She got into the back seat and they set off back to the ARC, Becker doing his best to avoid any bumpy sections of road or sharp corners. As it happened, Matt was so intent on making sure the cub didn’t fall off his lap that he didn’t complain about Becker’s driving this time.
Emily took the cub again when they parked up, leaving Matt’s hands free to steady himself if he needed, and carried it through to the detector room, where Abby was waiting with Jess. The moment that Jess saw it she was out of her chair and cooing over the little creature.
“That is adorable!” she said, petting it.
Matt eased himself down into her now-vacated chair. “He’s called Diego.”
Emily looked confused. “Diego?”
Becker sighed. “It’s the name of the sabre-toothed tiger in the Ice Age films,” he explained.
Passing the cub onto Abby, she told them that she was just waiting for a friend from a nearby zoo to arrive. He specialised in big cats, and while this wasn’t exactly his normal breed of felines, he would be able to give them a better idea of how to care for it.
Becker could see one of the camera crews hovering nearby, wanting to get some footage of the cub and probably hoping that a cute, fluffy critter would be better publicity than a rampaging dinosaur. He stepped back to let them in before hooking a hand under Matt’s arm and getting him to his feet.
“Come on; time to go.”
Matt opened his mouth to protest but Becker silenced him with a look.
“You can see it again soon but, for now, you’re going back to bed.”
The moment he said it, he groaned inwardly as he noticed the camera focussed on them from across the room. Wasn’t it nearly time for them to leave yet? He was getting really tired of the secrecy.
Ignoring them, he took Matt back to the car and took him home, leaving instructions with Jess to call him if they needed him and that Mark could take charge of the security team for a while.
“I was starting to think you’d forgotten about me,” Abby joked as the crew began the pre-interview checks.
Alison shook her head. “Of course not, though we did get a bit behind schedule with all of the excitement.” She sat down opposite Abby, out of shot. “Is it always this eventful around here?”
Abby laughed. “You think this was eventful? You should have been here when the bugs came through and swarmed the entire ARC, or when the future predator got loose.”
“I’m glad I missed those.” She nodded to the crew to begin. “So, Abby, tell us a little about what you do here.”
“Well, I look after the menagerie as well as going out in the field with the team.”
“And you worked at a zoo before you joined the ARC project, is that correct?”
Abby nodded. “I worked in the reptile house, and it was that which brought me into contact with the project. A little boy had found what his mother thought was a flying lizard and so she called the zoo. They sent me to have a look and the rest, as they say, is history.”
“What was it?” Alison asked. “The lizard, I mean. I assume it wasn’t native to this time period.”
“It was a Coelurosauravus, or so Connor informed me later on.” She glanced around the room, spotting what she was looking for on top of the book case. “You want to meet him? Rex, come over here. Come on.”
Rex chirped excitedly and landed on the desk in front of Alison, making her jump.
“That’s real? I though it was just a model, sitting up there on the shelf.”
“He,” Abby corrected, putting out a hand to Rex and smiling as he came closer. “And yes, he’s real. He’s also very friendly; he won’t bite.”
She talked about Rex for a while, and about that day in the Forest of Dean that had brought them all together.
“Would you like to go and look at some of the other creatures in the menagerie as we talk?” she asked, seeing the camera crew and Alison’s interest in Rex. She could find them some of the more good-natured creatures to meet, like the mammoth. They’d like the mammoth. “You can meet Manny. Actually, you could feed him if you wanted.”
The young woman holding the microphone nodded eagerly, her colleague looking a bit more nervous, but Alison smiled. “That would be wonderful.”
Abby took them around the menagerie, telling them how the animals were cared for and introducing them to the rest of the staff who worked with the creatures. When they came to the huge gates that led into Manny’s pen, she signalled for the soundwoman to come forward and she did, handing the microphone to Alison.
“Hold this in your hands, with your palms flat,” Abby told her, putting half of a melon in the woman’s hands. “Now, don’t make any sudden moves or you’ll spook him.”
Moments later, Manny’s trunk poked through the bars, the mammoth eyeing the strangers curiously. He seemed to size them up, deciding that they weren’t a threat, before his trunk curled around the melon and he lifted it out of the woman’s hands.
“That was amazing,” she said, watching as the mammoth moved the fruit to his mouth, crunching through the hard rind. Once it was gone, Manny’s trunk snuffled at the woman, and then Abby, realising that there weren’t any more treats and retreating once more.
“While we don’t like to make the animals too friendly with us, sometimes it just happens. Manny was pretty bad tempered when he first arrived, understandable I suppose after being left stranded on the M25, but he seems to like us now. He actually saved Lester once, protecting him from a future predator.”
Alison was still staring into the pen, watching as Manny plodded away. “He is magnificent.” She followed Abby as they moved on, talking about some of the other creatures.
“I would have thought that your time in the past, fighting for survival with these creatures, would have dimmed your enthusiasm for them.”
Abby shook her head. “No. Like Cutter always said, it’s not their fault that they’re here, or that they behave like the animals that they are. I get to work with creatures every day that only a handful of people ever get to see. How could I stop loving that?”
“Even after what happened to Stephen Hart?”
“Even then,” Abby told her quietly. “Stephen would never have been in that situation in the first place if people hadn’t interfered. I miss him, and Captain Ryan and Sarah Page, but I don’t blame the creatures.”
“You’ve lost a lot of people here over the years,” Alison observed. “Do you ever wonder if the cost of what you do is too high?”
It was a question that Abby had wondered occasionally, thinking that if only they hadn’t asked Sarah to join the project, she’d still be alive. Or that if only they had let the soldiers stick to their tried and tested method of shoot first and ask questions later, then Stephen would still be here. After all, if the creatures had never been brought back, then they wouldn’t have been there for Leek and Helen to mess with.
“I have wondered, and each time I come back to the same question: how many people would have died if we hadn’t been there to capture these creatures or to close the anomalies? We all know the risks here, but we all still choose to do it. It’s just the same as being a soldier. At any time you could be killed in action, but you still fight because it’s the right thing to do. We do our jobs but we can’t let ourselves dwell on it,” she said. “Besides, most of the time, the good days outnumber the bad ones.”
Alison smiled. “Like today? No one was hurt and that little cub was just precious.”
“Just like today,” Abby agreed.
They finished up the interview and Alison walked back toward the break room with Abby, leaving the crew to gather up their equipment.
“I think I’m beginning to understand why all of you have formed relationships within the team,” Alison said. “I suppose that this is one of those things where, unless you actually experience it on a daily basis, you can’t really understand.” She saw the frown on Abby’s face, and smiled. “I’ve seen enough to know that Becker and Matt are a couple, and I saw you and Mark outside a few days ago. Would I also be correct in assuming that Connor and Lester’s living arrangement is more than just flat-mates?”
“Why are you so interested?”
The women turned to see Lester sitting with Connor, Jess and Emily, mugs of tea in front of them all. Alison sat down in one of the empty seats at the table.
“Curiosity. I get it, you know,” she told them. “Talking to you all over the past week has made me see why you have all been so evasive about your lives outside of the ARC. It’s just that; you want to keep those two areas separate, so that you have somewhere to go to get away from the things you have to face every day.” She laughed. “At first, I thought you were all just trying to be awkward.”
Connor glanced at Lester, receiving a small nod in return. “You’re right. About us, I mean. Hey, none of this is going to go into the documentary, is it?”
Alison shook her head. “I promise. So during that time in the past, James was the one you were waiting to return to,” Alison asked Connor.
He nodded. “Yes. James and I had been together for nearly a year and a half when we got trapped. I wasn’t going to give up on the fact that I’d see him again.”  
“We have tried to keep our relationship away from the ARC,” Lester added. “Even when he was missing, I still had to let everyone believe that he was just another employee, a friend.”
“You thought it would compromise your authority to be seen to have a personal attachment to one of the team?” When Lester nodded, looking a little uncomfortable with the direction that the conversation had taken, she asked, “So, how long have Matt and Becker been together? Watching them, they seem almost like an old married couple sometimes.”
Jess let out a laugh. “I’ve told them that often enough, too. They got together not long after Matt joined the ARC, about a year ago. As for Emily and myself, we’ve only been together a couple of months.”
“Mark and I met about three years ago, but it wasn’t until we got back here after Connor and I found our way back here that we actually started dating,” Abby told her. “It’s still pretty new.”
Alison looked around at them all and smiled. “Thank you. I feel as though I’ve finally got to know you all a little better. I meant it when I said that none of this is going into the documentary, but I do appreciate you telling me. My curiosity would have driven me insane,” she joked.
A week later, Lester came out of his office to greet Alison. She had found her own way up here, but Security had warned him that she was on her way.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said, “but I have something for you.”
She held out a slim plastic DVD case to him.
“It’s an advance copy,” she told him. “I thought that you’d like to see it before it airs next week on television. We ended up with a lot more fantastic footage than we expected so it’s now due to be shown over three episodes, rather than one.”
He indicated to his office, offering her a cup of tea, but she declined.
“I can’t stay too long; I just wanted to drop that off in person, and to relay my crew’s thanks once again. I know that none of you wanted to do this but we were grateful for the opportunity to get a look at this place and the creatures, and to get to talk to all of you.”
So, that night, the entire team, plus a few of Becker’s security lads, gathered in Jess’s flat to watch the DVD. There was silence as she pressed play and sat back next to Emily.
It wasn’t as bad as he had been expecting, Matt observed as the credits rolled on the final segment nearly three hours later.
“All in all, that could have been worse.”
Becker nodded. “They actually did a pretty good job,” he agreed.
“I liked the section at the end,” Connor said quietly. “It was nice of her to put that in.”
They had also managed to get hold of pictures of those who had lost their lives in the course of this project, the stills coming up on screen at the end of the last episode to remember them: Cutter, Stephen, Sarah, Ryan. There was no mention of crazy ex-wives or scheming civil servants, just that those brave few had lost their lives whilst trying to protect the public. There was even a shot of Danny, to note that he was still lost.
“So did I,” Abby agreed, giving Connor a hug.
The documentary was tactfully done, not making them look like fools and not trying to make them into action heroes, which was what Becker had feared. And, true to her word, Alison had kept any mention of their private lives out of it, showing the camaraderie and friendships instead. But they hadn’t just shown it all to be a fun adventure. Footage of Matt’s painful encounter with the creature had been included, with his permission, to show that though this seemed like an exciting ride, it was actually a dangerous one.
Alison had told them that, as well as answering some of the questions that the public had, she also wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t make the team’s job any harder if they happened to be caught near an anomaly. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, Becker thought, that the public knew about the anomalies. It would at least put an end to the cover stories and secrecy each time they attended one.
“It was very odd to see myself on screen,” Emily mused.  
“I loved what you’d done with your hair for that interview,” Abby told her. “It looked great.”
Emily smiled bashfully. “Thank you. Jess styled it for me that day.”
“And did you see how cute Connor looked?” Matt teased, reaching over to pinch the other man’s cheek and making Connor smack his hand away. “Turning up the charm and using those puppy-eyes to full advantage.”
“I did not!”
Lester smiled, pulling Connor closer and out of Matt’s reach. “Actually, love, you did. It was rather adorable.”
Becker looked around at them all, discussing their interviews or the documentary, Jess and Emily talking softly with smiles on their faces. Matt was teasing Connor, while Lester and Abby attempted to defend Connor or keep a straight face, he wasn’t sure which. He found himself thinking about what Abby had said at the end of her interview, realising just how right she was.
Most of the time, the good days outnumber the bad.”
As for what would happen when the documentary aired, how the public would see them after watching it, they would just have to wait and see.


Tags: abby maitland / mark andrews, fiction: het, fiction: slash, james lester / connor temple, jess parker / emily merchant, matt anderson / hilary becker, tv: primeval
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