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Fiction: Primeval

In case you're curious - Pictures of my regular o/c's

Slash - Connor Temple / Captain Becker
~Reads as a series - order~

- Lockdown - NC-17
After accidentally triggering a security lockdown, Connor finds himself trapped in the armoury with Becker.

- How Abby found out - R-15
Abby sees more than she bargainsed for when she comes home early one day.

- Forgive me - R-15
Spoiler for 3.06. Can Connor forgive Becker after his actions at the safe-house?

- Breaking and Entering - NC-17
Danny sees something he shouldn't during one of his 'break-in's'.

- Picture Perfect - PG-13
Connor's parents don't know about his relationship with Becker and so, when they come to visit, he asks Abby to help.

- That's my geek - R-15
Becker gets some friendly teasing about his choice in men and Connor moves in.

- Walking in a Winter Wonderland - PG-13
Becker gives Connor a christmas to remember.

~One shots~

- Black Ties and Bullets - R-15
After armed terrorists overrun a party attended by the team, it falls to Connor and Becker to save the day.

- The morning after the night before - NC-17
Connor gets a shock when he's introduced to the newest member of the ARC's security team.

- Trick or Treat - PG-13
They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery.

- Thursday - NC-17
Connor, Becker and Abby find themselves living the same day over and over again.

- ficz.com - PG-13
Sarah and Abby find a slash fiction site and decide to post a few stories of their own

- Worlds Apart - PG-13
A.U. How different would it have been if Helen had never gone over to the dark side? Or if Connor and Abby had got together? Multi chapter

- Playing Doctor - PG-13
Connor accidentally provokes a dinosaur, resulting in Becker getting injured.

- Supergeek - PG-13
An accident gives Connor superpowers. (split into two linked parts for length)

- The Wild Wild West - R-15
The team are called to an anomaly in the USA and go through, finding themselves in the Old West.

- Don’t marry her (have me) - PG-13
Becker wants Connor to be happy. He just wished that Connor wanted to be happy with him. Some Abby/Connor too.

- Shiver me timbers! - NC-17
“Isn’t this cool? It’s a real live tavern with bar wenches and pirates and everything!”

- Love me, Love my Diictadons - PG-13
Becker is getting ready to take Connor out, and the rest of the team overhear something he wishes they hadn’t.

Slash - Connor Temple / Danny Quinn
~One shots~

- Mystery Man - PG-13
Connor starts recieving presents from a secret admirer

- A little help from our friends - PG-13
Abby decides to play matchmaker.

- Handcuffs - R-15
After a night out, Connor wakes up with a hangover and the memory of doing something really stupid.

- Snow is falling - PG-13
As the snow begins to fall, the team go out to play

- A night on the town - R-15
On a night out, the team encounter some trouble

- How do I? - PG-13
After he and danny have a fight, Abby tries to cheer Connor up.

- Crimson Regret - R-15
Connor does something stupid and finds himself alone and injured in the future.

Slash - Hilary Becker / Matt Anderson
~One shots~

- Pulling out the Big Guns - PG-13
Becker still isn't sold on the new weapons.

- What lies beneath - NC-17
Becker has a surprise for Matt

- Family - PG-13
Written for Porn Battle, prompt: Invitation, name

- Actions and Reactions - NC-17
Becker is captured by Ethan. Minor spoilers for 4.06, also warnings for non-con (Becker/Ethan).

- Be My Valentine - PG-13
Becker really doesn't like Valentines Day...

- Down among the Dead Men - NC-17
After four months trapped through an anomaly, Becker and Matt arrive back to find the world overrun with the Walking Dead.

- Slippery when wet - NC-17
Communal showers can be fun... Written for Pornbattle XII, for prompts: Dirty, Slippery

- Access all Areas - PG-13
After the anomalies become public knowledge, people want answers, and so Lester’s superiors decide to allow a film crew access to the ARC for a behind the scenes documentary. Also slash-Connor/Lester, femmeslash- Jess/Emily, het- Abby/Mark (oc)
Part 1 - Part 2

- Finders Keepers - PG-13
Matt makes a nasty discovery, and he and Becker get two new additions to the family.

- Be Quiet - NC-17
Subtlety is not one of Matt’s strengths. Written for Pornbattle XIII: Prompt: Becker/Matt, loud

- Hilary - PG-13
Becker shares a secret with Matt.

- A Becker a day - PG-13
Crack fic. What do you do when multiple Beckers start emerging from an anomaly?

- Who do you think you are? - PG-13
"Of all the ways she’d thought of getting Becker into her bedroom, and her underwear, this was not one she’d anticipated."
Becker and Jess wake up to find they've swapped bodies.

- The stars of the show - PG-13
The anomalies have gone public, and the team are just finding out the price to their newfound fame.

- The last to know - R-15
Matt wasn’t sure how he felt about it. He’d never been in a four-plus month relationship with a bloke without knowing about it before.

- Yours - NC-17
The morning after. Follows on from The last to know.

Matt Anderson / Ethan Dobrowski
(The Misunderstood 'verse. These fics aren't necessarily in a set timeline/order, but are all part of the same slightly AU world that began with Misunderstood)

- Misunderstood - R-15 (Matt / Ethan)
What if Ethan's arrival had gone differently and he eventually joined the team?

- 'Tis the Season - PG-13 (Matt / Ethan, Becker / Danny)
“I thought it would be nice to give Ethan a proper Christmas but I don’t really know where to start”

- Midnight - PG-13 (Becker/Danny, Matt/Ethan)
Danny has plans for New Year's Eve. Vaguely follows on from Tis the Season

- The odd couple - PG-13 (A bit of Matt/Ethan at the end)
Ethan and Lester have to learn to live with each other after an anomaly leaves them stranded.

- The path not taken - NC-17 (Ethan/OC's, Ethan/Matt)
Ethan and Danny find themselves in an alternate world, one where Ethan didn’t join the ARC, instead waging a war against the team. Thinking they’ve finally captured him, they take it out on the wrong Ethan. (contains non-con)

Other slash

- And the truth will out... - NC-17 - (Becker / Dev Rashid)
Becker gets drugged, with some interesting effects.

- Down and Dirty - R-15 - (Becker / Danny Quinn)
Becker and Danny find a way to settle their differences, with surprising results.

- Sex Bomb - NC-17 - (Becker / James Lester)
Becker and Lester are set up by their well-meaning colleagues.

- If at first you don't succeed...  - NC-17 (Becker / James Lester)
Becker really wants that tank. Written for Pornbattle XII, for prompts: tank, bribery.

 - Bad Boys - NC-17 - (Becker / Luke Benson)
Becker consoles Luke after he makes a fool of himself, and finds that all is not as it seems. Missing scene from Man, I feel like a woman ch2.

 - Bad Boys 2 - NC-17 - (Becker / Luke Benson)
Becker and Luke go home and play. 

- Now or Never - R-15 - (Connor Temple / Nick Cutter)
Spoiler for 3.03. Connor realises it's now or never to tell Nick how he feels.

- Tactics - R-15 - (Connor Temple / Stephen Hart)
Stephen is tired of being ignored.

- Secrets - R-15 - (Danny Quinn / James Lester)
Danny worries how the others will react when they find out about his relationship with Lester.

- All dressed up...  - R-15 - (Danny Quinn / James Lester)
Danny gets bored at a fancy party he's attending with Lester.

- Close Encounters - NC-17 - (Danny Quinn / Tentacle creature)
Danny falls into an underground cavern and discovers that he's not alone down there.

- Orchids - PG - (James Lester / Gideon, Matt Anderson / Gideon)
There's a familiar looking pot plant on Lester's desk and Matt's jealous.

- Behind closed doors - NC-17 - (Danny Quinn / Ethan Dobrowski, Hilary Becker / Ethan Dobrowski, hilary Becker / Danny Quinn / Ethan Dobrowski)
Danny brings Ethan back through the anomaly but something has changed in the time they've been away, and Becker is presented with an unexpected offer.

- Bad Place Alone - NC-17 - (Patrick Quinn / Kristof (omc), Patrick / Omc's, Patrick / real!Ethan, Danny Quinn / Ethan Dobrowski, Hilary Becker / Ethan Dobrowski, hilary Becker / Danny Quinn / Ethan Dobrowski)
After going through the anomaly, Patrick finds himself alone in a vicious world but learning to survive the creatures is only the start.

- Jumping the gun - NC-17 - (Danny Quinn / Hilary Becker)
“I’m never going to be able to look at those bloody guns again without blushing.”
- Wrong Turn - PG-13 (Danny Quinn / Hilary Becker)
Danny's explorations don't go according to plan.

- Rent - NC-17 (Connor / Lester)
Connor is having a bit of a problem... Written for Pornbattle XIII: Prompt: Lester/Connor, rent

- This time - PG-13 (Nick / Connor)
A romance three years in the making…

- Frogs, curses and bad-tempered squirrels - PG-13 (Nick Cutter / Tom Ryan)
"Come on, let’s have a look around. And everyone keep an eye out for rogue squirrels with bad language."

- Presents - (R-15) Slash- Matt Anderson/Hilary Becker.
Matt gets a birthday present. Birthday fic.

- If I should fall [part 1][part 2] – (PG-13) - Hilary Becker / James Lester
After the disastrous end to the ARC project, Lester found that returning to his life wasn’t as easy as he first thought. He wasn’t the only one.

- A long time ago in the future... - (R-15) Connor Temple / Philip Burton
Philip's story. (In three linked chapters)


- Man, I feel like a woman - NC-17 (over all) - (Connie Temple / Danny Quinn)
After an incident through an anomaly, Connor returns feeling like a whole new person. Multi-chapter.

- Drive me crazy - NC-17 - (James Lester / Jess Parker)
Jess manages to upset Lester.

General / non slash

- Lester's Birthday - PG-13
The team take Lester to a bar to celebrate his birthday... and get him drunk.

- Every dog has his day - PG
What made Leek decided to join Helen?


- Ulterior Motives - PG-13 - (Jenny Lewis / Sarah Page)
Jenny rescues Sarah from an unwanted admirer

- A thoroughly modern woman - PG-13 - (Emily Merchant / Jess Parker, background Matt Anderson / Hilary Becker)
Emily goes shopping with Jess and receives an unexpected, but welcome, invitation.

Other - Slash / Het mix

- Common Ground - PG (Nick Cutter / Claudia Brown, Nick Cutter / Tom Ryan)
Written for this prompt on primeval_denial by talliw: Claudia and Ryan have something in common. They both want Cutter and neither of them is willing to give up on him.

- Learning to share - PG-13 (Nick Cutter / Claudia Brown / Tom Ryan)
Claudia and Ryan take the decision out of Nick's hands. Follows on from Common Ground.

Crossovers - Slash / Het mix
One shots / multi chapter

- Spike at the ARC (Primeval / Buffy / Angel) - NC-17
Connor meets Spike when he comes through an anomaly and when the anomaly closes, Spike returns home with Connor and joins the ARC team. Some months later, an accident brings Angel to the ARC too.
Multi Chapter. Slash- Connor/Spike, Connor/Lester/Spike, Becker/Angel

- Is there a Doctor in the House (Dr Who) - PG-13
A strange man in a pinstipe suit comes to the teams' rescue. Minor Slash- Connor/Becker, Doctor/Becker (innuendo).

- Hero Worship (Robin Hood- BBC) - R-15
After an anomaly leaves Connor and Becker stranded in the past, they find themselves as guests of Robin Hood. Slash- Connor/Becker.

- A Question of Ownership (Torchwood) - R-15
The team find themselves dealing with Torchwood when an anomaly opens up in Cardiff. Slash- Connor/Becker, Jack/Ianto.

- Trading Places (Torchwood) - NC-17
Lester agrees to a personnel exchange between the ARC and Torchwood. Multi Chapter. Slash- Connor/Becker, Jack/Ianto -- Het- Danny/Gwen.

- Magical Mystery Tour (Merlin) - R-15
Merlin and Arthur accidentally fall through an anomaly and find themselves face to face with the Primeval team. Then the anomaly closes and leaves them stranded. Multi Chapter. Slash- Connor/Becker, Merlin/Arthur.

- Primeval / Numb3rs:    Prompt- Abby Maitland meets David Sinclair in the bath

- Primeval / Firefly:         Prompt- Danny Quinn meets Mal Reynolds under a police car

- Primeval / Firefly:         Prompt- Captain Ryan meets Mal Reynolds in a bar

- Primeval / Buffy:           Prompt- Danny Quinn meets Rupert Giles on Hadrians Wall

- Primeval / Torchwood:  Prompt- Stephen Hart meets Ianto Jones in a house of ill repute

- Matt and Becker’s Excellent Adventure (Bill and Ted films) - R-15
Millions of years in the past, two sets of time travellers meet… Slash- Matt/Becker, Bill/Ted.

- Better than guns (Deadly 60/Steve Backshall) - PG-13.
The Deadly 60 team stumble onto an anomaly, and Becker gets starstruck and makes an idiot of himself. Slash- Danny Quinn / Hilary Becker.


- Accidents happen - Connor / Ryan
Ryan gets hurt while protecting Connor.

- Attonement (aka. Groped by an angel - Connor / Philip, Stephen / Ryan
For Philip, the end was only the beginning

- Hey, Big Spender - Matt / Becker
There was something strange going on, but Matt couldn’t out his finger on it…

- All work and no play pt 1- Part 2 - James Lester / Will Andrews (omc)
A chance meeting in a bar gives Lester’s life a new direction

- Don’t ask… - Danny / Becker eventually
Becker has a secret. Crack fic.

- Explanations - Danny / Becker
The madness continues. Follows on from Don’t ask…

- Pulling pigtails - Danny / Becker
For the Primeval_denial Secret Santa, written for eriah11, and using the prompts ‘Danny/Becker’, ‘Airport’ and ‘They told me you were gone’.

- Here Kitty Kitty - Lester / Becker
For bingo card square “character transformed into an animal”

- The way to a mans heart - Becker / Gruber
Crossover with ‘Allo ‘Allo. For bingo square “Courtship Rituals”

- Window of opportunity - Connor / Ryan, Becker / Lester
Connor sees an opportunity to save Ryan when an anomaly opens up to the Permian.

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