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Fiction: NCIS

Slash - Tony DiNozzo / Tim McGee
(Series reading order-)

1 - Revelations and Reverberations - R-15 
Tony and Tim have a long overdue conversation whilst locked in a panic room.

2 -First Steps - NC-17
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Tony hopes.

3 - I-Spy - PG-13
Tony and Tim are acting strangely and Ziva intends to find out why. Ziva's P.O.V

4 - Smile, you're on Candid Camera! - NC-17 
Following on from I-Spy- just what did Gibbs see to make Tony react like that?

5 - Secrets and Lies - PG-13
Tony finds out that Tim has been keeping their relationship from his family.

6- Deck the halls - PG-13
Tony and Tim go to spend Christmas with Tony's aunt.

Slash - Tony DiNozzo / Tim McGee
~One shots~

- Last requests - NC-17
For the NCIS Kink Meme- Prompt: They think they're about to die. With that in mind, McGee tells Tony how he feels (a more romantic phrasing of 'omg I want you so bad'). Tony's all for getting screwed before death.
They have to be saved at the end though. Else I'd be too sad.

- Chocolaty Goodness - NC-17
For ncis_temptation- April prompt: Bunnies, chicks, eggs... It's Easter after all. (extra points- that don't really matter- if you can ties in a sexual reference to the non sexual prompt) 

Slash - Leroy Jethro Gibbs / Tony Dinozzo
~Series reading order~

1- Happy Birthday - R-15
Tony has a birthday to remember

2- First Date - R-15
Gibbs takes Tony out to dinner. Vaguely follows on from 'Happy Birthday'.

3- Yes, boss - NC-17
Gibbs is tired of Tony flirting with everyone he meets.

4- This Christmas - R-15
Tony, Abby and Ziva are invited to Gibbs' house for Christmas.

Slash - Leroy Jethro Gibbs / Tony Dinozzo
~One Shots~

- Spring Cleaning - R-15
Tony finds all kinds of interesting things in his desk when he'd tidying. For [info]ncis_temptation May prompt- Desks, Dressors, Drawers etc. Also a nod to the opening of episode 6.21.

Slash - Gibbs / Fornell

- Elevated - PG-13
Ever wondered what Gibbs and Fornell really do in that elevator?

- Passing the time - R-15
Gibbs and Fornell get stuck in the elevator 

- Bad Day  - R-15
Written for Porn Battle XI, prompt: Bourbon, Silence.


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