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Fiction: Psych / Mentalist

Slash - Shawn Spencer / Patrick Jane
(Shawn / Patrick series reading order-)

1 - The Fake Psychic's Club - R-15 
Shawn Spencer and Patrick Jane bond when a case causes their paths to cross.

2 - Fake Psychics Reunited - NC-17 
Shawn and Patrick being naughty.

3 - Missing - R-15
When Shawn goes missing, Patrick goes to Santa Barbara to help find him.

4 - The Bet - NC-17
A poker game, a bet, and some shocked colleagues at the CBI when they see what the wager entailed.

5 - Moving On - R-15
Shawn can't understand why Patrick is behaving so oddly, until he finds out that it is th anniversary of his family's deaths.

6 - Unconventional - R-15
Shawn is now working at the CBI and he and Patrick go undercover at a paranormal convention to try and find a killer.

7 - Unforgettable - R-15
An injury causes Shawn to forget everything from the past few years, including Patrick.

8 - Driving home for Christmas - R-15
Shawn and Patrick go to Henry's for Christmas, where a surprise awaits Shawn.

One-offs / crack-fics that run alongside the Shawn / Patrick series

 - I Wish... - NC-17
Shawn finds his wishes coming true. Literally.

 - Like an open book... - R-15
The duo get the ability to read minds an find out some interesting things about their colleagues.

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