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Spike at the ARC - chapter index

Connor / Spike (ch 2)
Connor / Lester / Spike (ch 3+)
Becker / Angel (ch 7+)

1- Connor Temple meets Spike on the Forth Bridge - PG
Prompt from the Random Pairing generator - After coming through an anomaly, Spike is stranded when it closes behind him

2- Fang-tastic- NC-17
Connor takes Spike home with him when he goes.

3- Captain Kirk made us do it- NC-17
Connor and Spike get Lester drunk while playing a Star Trek drinking game.

4- Going Home - NC-17
The anomaly on the Forth Bridge reopens, giving Spike a way home.

5- Careless Talk- R-15
The secret is out, thanks to Helen Cutter.

6- A Close Call- R-15
Spike gets hurt protecting Connor.

7- Uninvited Guests- PG-13 (1 of 2)
Spike isn't too happy when Angel shows up.

8- Once Bitten- NC-17 (2 of 2)
Becker takes Angel home with him.

9- Houseguests Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3- PG-13
Lester’s children come to stay.

Or, the whole series is on AO3 - ---HERE---

A bit of background for anyone who doesn’t know Angel/Buffy. Angel, when he was first turned, was a ruthless, vicious vampire who took pleasure in torturing and killing anyone who got too close. Then, one day, he killed a Gypsy girl and in revenge, her tribe cursed him. They gave him back his soul and therefore his conscience, guilt and regret for everything he’d done. The curse had a catch, though; if he experienced one moment of pure happiness, he’d lose his soul again and turn back into that vicious killer. Unfortunately this happened after he had sex with Buffy and got his ‘moment of true happiness’. His soul was later restored using magic.

 For the purposes of this series, I’m pretending that, in restoring his soul, they took away the get-out clause and he can’t lose it again.


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