ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Drabble: I do (4 drabbles)

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Connor / Lester
Rating: PG
Notes: For primeval100 challenge 200: Past challenges / using #3- determined, 35- new beginnings, 56- dance, 72- kisses






Connor heard the sharp intake of breath as he stepped on Abby’s foot once again, and let his hands drop, backing away.


“I give up! I can’t do this.”


Abby simply grabbed his hand, dragging him back into position.


“You’re doing fine,” she said. “Now, from the top.”


Connor nodded reluctantly.


Two hours later, they took a break. He was getting frustrated, forgetting the steps, treading on Abby’s toes, but she refused to let him quit.


“You’re going to dance at this wedding if it kills me,” she said. “I just hope Lester appreciates all the effort you’re putting in.”



New Beginnings


The ceremony was beautiful, a perfect start to the rest of their lives. They had chosen to have the service in the open air, in the gardens of a country estate owned by a friend. For once, the weather had co-operated and bright, warm sunshine shone down on them. Everyone watched as they said their vows, written themselves to say just what they wanted, to express how they really felt.


Connor looked across at Lester and smiled. The other man looked gorgeous in his tuxedo, a wide smile on his face. He looked happier than Connor had ever seen him.





“That was a lovely service,” Connor mused. He and Lester sat together at the top table in the great hall of the Country estate, where a banquet had been laid on.


Lester glanced across to where his sister and her new husband sat next to them.


“It was,” he agreed. “Thank you for accompanying me today.”


Connor smiled. “I wouldn’t have missed this; I’m glad you asked me.” He stood, offering his hand. “Now, would you like to dance?”


“I thought you didn’t dance?”


Connor flushed. “Not didn’t; couldn’t. I didn’t want to embarrass you so Abby’s been teaching me.”





Holding Connor in his arms as they moved to the music, Lester thought again how lucky he was. He couldn’t believe that Connor had been taking lessons just so that he would get to dance at his sister’s wedding. He would have sat out rather than leave Connor on his own, and Connor knew that.


“I sometimes wonder if I really deserve you,” he said. Leaning in, he brushed his lips over Connor’s, ignoring the relatives who were watching them discreetly. “I love you.”


Connor grinned at him. “Do weddings always make you get this sentimental?"


Lester looked embarrassed. “No.”




Tags: fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, james lester / connor temple, tv: primeval
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