ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Drabble: Morning workout

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Becker / Connor
Rating: PG
Notes: For primeval100 challenge 200: Past challenges / using # 81 - The Gym


Morning Workout



Becker gave Connor a shake but the other man just burrowed deeper under the duvet.


Becker smiled; he’d known this would be a challenge. Reaching down, he tugged the duvet away leaving Connor curled up on the coverless bed.


“Time to get up.”


“Too early,” Connor grumbled.


“You said you wanted to go to the gym with me,” Becker reminded him.


Connor’s eyes opened. “It’s not even daylight.”


An hour later, watching him working out, all hot and sweaty, Connor decided Becker was forgiven for waking him up early. He may be tired and aching but the view was fantastic.


Tags: connor temple / hilary becker, fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, tv: primeval
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