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Non Fanfic: Books update


Phaze have just anounced their top 20 sellers from 2010 and Bark at the Moon, under my erotica alias Julia Davies, is on it!! Pretty cool considering that it was only released in september (It was in the monthly top 20 for three months too)

Next, 28 Hours, which was released by Solstice under my other general fiction alias Mia Brookes, has got a paperback release!

There is a link here

At present, I've only got the link for the Solstice Publishing release. It took a few weeks to reach Amazon when it was released in ebook so, as soon as it's on there, I'll post the link to that too. Any new info (as well as anything else I think of, pictures, etc) goes on my author livejournal here-

And Phaze are taking another of my books! I'm not officially contracted yet, as I'm stuck in IRS hell trying to get a US tax number because my publishers are both American and need it for their side of the paperwork, even though I don't live there, pay tax there etc. Soon as I get one, I can put it on the contract and sign it. 
Out of the Shadows is set in the same world as Bark at the Moon, and is Jai and Dane's story. Again, check my author livejournal for updates- I'll post information over there as I get it.



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