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Man, I feel like a woman - chapter 4

Fandom   - Primeval
Pairings   - Connie / Danny, Connor / Danny, Becker / Luke
Rating      - R-15

Previous chapters  -  Bad Boys (Becker and Luke)


Man, I feel like a woman – chapter 4 (final chapter)



“Oh, this is so exciting! I never thought I’d have the chance to do this, getting your dress- Oh, look at this! What about something like this one? You’d look lovely- Or this.”


Connie looked desperately at Abby, over her mother’s head. Abby and Sarah, damn them, were enjoying every minute of this. Not the wedding planning- neither of them were the girly, wedding planning type- but they did enjoy seeing Connie squirm. They sat with identical grins on their faces as Connie’s mum showed them another picture in Brides Magazine. There were times she wished that she’d never told her mum about Danny’s proposal. Casting a longing look at the TV, Connie sighed; she was missing Star Trek.


Danny had proposed two months ago, a year to the day that Connor had gone to sleep in that strange world beyond the anomaly and Connie had woken in his place. She was settled now, happy even, and she and Danny had worked out the newly arisen problems from her sudden sex-change. Though odd to begin with, it was still just the two of them; she was still the same person, merely in different packaging.


They had been working hard lately, the anomalies seemingly increasing in frequency and causing enough problems to leave a permanent scowl on Lester’s face. Then as suddenly as it began, the anomaly rate dropped again. For the last two months it had been relatively quiet and so Lester had agreed to the team’s request of a little time off.


Becker and the lads had decided that Danny needed a stag night and the women had already arranged to take Connie on a hen night. Lester had given them the weekend, leaving the other staff and second security team at the ARC. He had declined an invitation to join them on the grounds that someone had to stay behind and keep the staff under control.


Connie found herself being dragged from bar to bar in the city, dressed in red feather angel wings and a halo, the other women all in similar, with a satin sash around her that read Buy Me A Drink- I’m Getting Married. So far, it had worked rather well. Each bar they went into, they managed to attract the attention of a group of blokes who bought them all drinks until they moved on. On second thought, Connie thought it might have less to do with the sash and more to do with the fact she was with four skimpily-dressed, semi-drunk women who were flirting outrageously with any male they spotted.


Just before they’d left the house, heading out for the evening, Abby had taken Becker to one side for ‘a quiet word’. Becker returned looking slightly worried but when asked, Abby just grinned. It took them a few drinks to get her to tell them what it had been about.


“I just told him that, if we find Danny naked and tied to a lamp post tomorrow morning, I’d castrate the lot of them with a butter knife, starting with him,” she said with a pleasant smile.


At somewhere around two the next morning, they made it back to the hotel. She passed out the instant her head landed on the pillow.




Becker managed to keep the lads from doing anything to Danny, though he had to admit that some of their suggestions might be worth facing Abby’s wrath. He even managed to get them all back to the hotel where they were staying in the city sometime before dawn. He was getting too old for all-nighters, he thought as he made his way next door to his room and crawled into bed. Luke was already snoring softly, hogging the covers and taking up most of the bed, but with a little persuasion he moved far enough to let Becker in and then shift closer again to curl around him. As good as that felt, Becker couldn’t keep himself awake long enough to enjoy it.




Danny awoke to a blinding headache and a huge gap in his memory. He could remember the pubs, all of them, and then the club with the male strippers, and then… well, it all got a bit fuzzy after that. The lack of memory wasn’t the problem, though. That wasn’t what was creating the sheer panic currently running through him, though.


He wasn’t alone in bed. It was pitch black in the room, the only light a faint glow from the tiny crack in the curtains, not enough to see in. He needed to put the light on but that would mean moving, which would wake his bed-partner, and that would be awkward. Very awkward since there was only one person he was supposed to wake up with and this definitely wasn’t her.


This was a bloke. No mistaking it.


Oh fuck; what had he done? Poor Connie. She was going to kill him, and Abby and Sarah would help. Come to think of it, most of the ARC staff would probably help hold him down whilst they did it.


Danny bolted out of bed and felt around for his jeans, tugging them on as he raced out of the room.


“Becker?” Danny hammered on the door. “Luke?” Oh please, wake up!


He heard the door being unlocked and then there was a bleary-eyed, half-asleep soldier staring back at him. Luke turned around without waiting for Danny to come in, leaving the door open, and stumbled back to bed. As he hauled the covers back over himself, Becker squinted up at Danny.


“Do you have any idea what time it is?” he grumbled. “’Only went to bed a couple of hours ago.”


Danny ignored him.


“What did I do last night?”


Becker blinked at him. “You woke me up to ask me that?”


“Just tell me!”


Luke, seeing that answering the question might let him get back to sleep, sat up again.


“We went to a few bars, the strip club, and then we brought you back here, rat-arsed. Now will you bugger off?”


Danny went to the chair near the bed, sinking down into it as he scrubbed his hands over his face.


“I fucked up,” he told them. “Major fuck up. Bloody hell, my head hurts,” he muttered as he moved too quickly. Then he frowned, his face paling. “I’m think I’m going to be sick.”




Half an hour later, Becker’s mobile rang. It seemed that this morning, he was never going to get any peace and quiet.


Becker, it’s Abby. Have you seen Danny anywhere? He’s not in his room.”


Becker glanced across the room as he informed her, “He’s here, currently puking for England in our bathroom. Why, what’s wrong?”


“We’ve got a problem,” she told him. There was a pause. “Kind of.


Something in her tone worried him. “This isn’t a ‘the wedding’s off’ kind of a problem, is it?” Becker asked.


Danny re-emerged from the bathroom, his eyes wide with concern. “What do you mean, it’s off?” he demanded. “Oh fuck, she knows. That’s it. What am I going to do?”


He looked as though he was about to pass out or throw up again and so Luke steered him to a chair and handed him a waste paper bin in case it was the second option. A few seconds later, he brought Danny a glass of water and some aspirin.


Becker ignored them, still listening to Abby. He glanced at Danny and told her,


“We’ll clean him up and meet you in five.”




By the time they reached Abby’s room the others were already there. Danny still looked worse for wear but then so did everyone else, what with the lack of sleep and hangovers. When they entered the room, however, hangovers were forgotten.


Connor was sitting on Abby’s bed.


He still had Connie’s long hair and the remnants of last night’s makeup, the robe he wore covering him but it was clear that his proportions had changed.


“I don’t know what happened,” he was saying. “I woke up in bed and I was me again.” He saw Danny enter the room and a look of relief crossed his features. “You weren’t there and I didn’t know where you’d gone and so I called Abby.”


Silence. Connor chewed on his lip nervously.


“Danny? Say something. Please.”


Danny’s thoughts were still a few words back in the conversation, though.


“Hang on, you said I was gone when you woke up. I thought you were staying with Abby last night.”


Connor shrugged his shoulders. “I was but then I decided I’d rather stay with you.”


Danny felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from him, a sigh of relief escaping his lips.


“You? Oh thank fuck for that.” Connor looked confused. In fact, everyone but Becker and Luke did, but Danny didn’t care. He just pulled Connor into his arms and kissed him.


“So what now?” Sarah asked, causing Danny and Connor to part and look at her. “Is the change permanent this time?”


No one could answer that, though Connor expected Lester to order another barrage of tests when they got back to the ARC.


“You should call your mum,” Abby said.


He should, he knew it, but he didn’t want to. She had just got used to having a daughter and now she had a son again. It was confusing enough for those who dealt with weirdness every day.


“She was really looking forward to the wedding and stuff,” he said. “I can’t tell her, not just yet. Not until I know if I’m going to wake up as Connie or Connor tomorrow.”




Three days later, Connor was still Connor. As predicted, Lester had made him go through every test he could think of but as before, they found nothing to explain the change. He and Danny had gone to visit his parents for Sunday lunch, to break the new to them. Connor hadn’t wanted to do it over the phone.


It was a testament to how well they had adjusted to this whole situation that his mother seemed more disappointed about her wedding plans being scuppered than the fact she had a son again.


His mum’s words, however, were still on Connor’s mind when he and Danny got home that evening.


‘So what about your plans? You could still have a civil partnership, you know.’


“She’s right.”


Danny frowned. “Who’s right about what?”


“Mum. I still want to spend the rest of my life with you,” Connor said, gauging Danny’s reactions as he spoke. His confidence faltered a little then. “That is, if you still want to, now that I’m back to being Connor.”


Danny smiled and dragged Connor into a tight hug.


“Of course I do, as though you even need to ask.”


They had no idea of whether Connor would stay or whether he’d switch back again but it didn’t matter. Connie or Connor, Danny loved them both.









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