ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Sirens fiction

- Rumours  - (Ashley / Stuart) NC-17
"The betting pool is up to £100 now..." Written for Pornbattle XII, prompt: Ambulance, Rumour

- Rescue Me  - (Ashley / Stuart) NC-17
When Ashley's mum tries to set him up, he tells her he's already taken... Written for Pornbattle XII, prompt Family, Rescue

- Milestone  - (Ashley / Stuart) PG-13
Written for sirens_fic prompt: first time / back stories.

- Meeting the family  - (Ashley / Rachid) PG-13
Rachid needs a date for his cousin's wedding, and Ash meets Rachid's family.

- When it started  - (Ashley / Stuart) NC-17 For the AU challenge on sirens_fic. Ash and Rachid work together as ambulance crew, and Stuart is a bloke that Ash picks up online. When their paths keep crossing, Ash finds his life taking a turn he hadn’t expected.

Tags: index--sirens

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