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Primeval o/c's

In case anyone is curious, my regular Primeval O/C's are here-

Becker's team -

  Lieutenant Mark Andrews               Luke Benson                        Dev Rashid

             Sergeant Neil Harper (team medic)

Name: Mark Andrews
Age: 28
Rank: Lieutenant. Becker’s second in command.
Played by: Jon Prescott 
Anything else: Straight/has a thing for Abby. First appeared in Trading Places (Primeval/Torchwood crossover)

Name: Luke Benson
Age: 27
Rank: Corporal
Played by: Reynaldo Gianecchini (Brazilian actor)
Anything else: Slashed with Becker in Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2

Name: Dev Rashid
Age: 32
Rank: Corporal
Played by: John Abraham (Bollywood Actor)
Anything else: Flirts with Becker in A Night on the Town. Slashed with Becker in And the truth will out... Both he and Mark Andrews help Becker when he proposes to Connor in Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Name: Neil Harper
Age: 36
Rank: Sergeant
Played by: Rupert Penry-Jones (Spooks)
Anything else: Team Medic

Borrowable for fics? Sure, just be nice to them

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