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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

- Playtime - (Riley Finn / Spike) NC-17
Originally written for Porn Battle XI - Prompt: Riley/Spike, On your knees

Burn Notice

- Changes - (Michael / Sam) NC-17
Originally written for Porn Battle XI - Prompt: Michael/Sam, Undercover

Death in Paradise
Series, but can be read individually.

- Cake - (Richard Poole / Fidel Best) PG-13
(1)- Fidel is determined to make Richard celebrate his birthday. How episode 5 should have ended...

- Fever - (Richard Poole/Fidel Best) - PG
(2)- Richard is sick, and his fever makes him say a few things that he shouldn't.

- Dancers in the Dark - (Richard Poole/Fidel Best) - PG
(3)- Richard says he doesn't dance, but what if the right person asked?

- Paradise Found - (Richard Poole/Fidel Best) – R-15
(4)- Richard returns to England, taking Fidel with him.

Doctor Who

- Dressed to Impress - (The Doctor (tenth) / Jack Harkness) NC-17
Originally written for Porn Battle XI - Prompt: Doctor (ten)/Jack, Kilts

Due South

- Distraction Techniques - (Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski) NC-17
Fraser is on guard duty and Ray is bored. Written for Pornbattle XII, using prompt: Hat, Tease.

Knight Rider 2009

- Love Machine - (KITT / Michael) NC-17
KITT's curiosity leads him and Michael into new territory.

Life on Mars

- Tinkerbell - PG
"Oh for goodness' sake, stop being such a girl, Tyler, and get your coat."

Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes crossover

- History revisited - PG-13
Alex finally finds out what Gene has been hiding about Sam's disappearance.


- Bored - (Mycroft/Lestrade) NC-17
Lestrade pays Mycroft a visit. Written for Pornbattle XIII: Prompt: Mycroft/Lestrade, office

- Night in the Morgue - (John/Sherlock) R-15
Written for ZombiFicAtion’s 2012 zombiefest: Prompt: Sherlock/John - Bodies have been disappearing from the morgue lately and Sherlock can't find a logical reason for it, until John jokingly suggests zombies. Then shit gets real. BAMF!John a huge bonus

- Making a move - John / Sherlock
It was embarrassing, having to go to Mycroft of all people for advice in this matter.

- Going old school - John / Sherlock
Sherlock takes John to his school reunion

Star Trek: Voyager

- The reality of dreams - (Harry Kim / Tom Paris) NC-17
Originally written for Porn Battle XI - Prompt: Harry/Tom, Shower, First time, Best friends


- Wet - (Dean / Castiel)  NC-17
Originally written for Porn Battle XI - Prompt: Dean / Castiel, Wet, Hands, Kiss

The Sarah-Jane Adventures

- The Passenger - (Clyde/Luke) - NC-17
Luke is possessed by an alien entity. NOT part of the Small Steps series.

Small Steps series- Clyde / Luke

- Small Steps - (1) PG-13
Originally written for Porn Battle XI - Prompt: Clyde / Luke, change.

- The Talk - (2) PG-13
Luke comes out to his mum and Sarah-Jane reacts as any mother would- by asking those awkward questions.

- A date with disaster? - (3) NC-17
Luke tries to organise a date but things don’t go according to plan, and Luke and Clyde’s relationship progresses


- Primeval / Doctor Who - Is there a Doctor in the House (Dr Who) - PG-13
A strange man in a pinstipe suit comes to the teams' rescue. Minor Slash- Connor/Becker, Doctor/Becker (innuendo).

- Primeval / Robin Hood BBC - Hero Worship (Robin Hood- BBC) - R-15
After an anomaly leaves Connor and Becker stranded in the past, they find themselves as guests of Robin Hood. Slash- Connor/Becker.

- Primeval / Torchwood -  A Question of Ownership (Torchwood) - R-15
The team find themselves dealing with Torchwood when an anomaly opens up in Cardiff. Slash- Connor/Becker, Jack/Ianto.

- Primeval / Torchwood - Trading Places (Torchwood) - NC-17
Lester agrees to a personnel exchange between the ARC and Torchwood. Multi Chapter. Slash- Connor/Becker, Jack/Ianto -- Het- Danny/Gwen.

- Primeval / Merlin - Magical Mystery Tour (Merlin) - R-15
Merlin and Arthur accidentally fall through an anomaly and find themselves face to face with the Primeval team. Then the anomaly closes and leaves them stranded. Multi Chapter. Slash- Connor/Becker, Merlin/Arthur.

- Primeval / Numb3rs:    Prompt- Abby Maitland meets David Sinclair in the bath - PG

- Primeval / Firefly:         Prompt- Danny Quinn meets Mal Reynolds under a police car - PG

- Primeval / Firefly:         Prompt- Captain Ryan meets Mal Reynolds in a bar - NC-17

- Primeval / Buffy:           Prompt- Danny Quinn meets Rupert Giles on Hadrians Wall - PG

- Primeval / Torchwood:  Prompt- Stephen Hart meets Ianto Jones in a house of ill repute - PG-13

- Matt and Becker’s Excellent Adventure (Bill and Ted films) - R-15
Millions of years in the past, two sets of time travellers meet… Slash- Matt/Becker, Bill/Ted.

- Better than guns (Deadly 60/Steve Backshall) - PG-13
The Deadly 60 team stumble onto an anomaly, and Becker gets starstruck and makes an idiot of himself. Slash- Danny Quinn / Hilary Becker.
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