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Fiction: Merlin

Arthur / Merlin - Slash
~One shots~

- Mine - R-15 
Merlin attracts the attentions of a servant at the castle, much to Arthur's annoyance. Meanwhile, Morganna and Gwen make an interesting discovery.

- Growing pains - PG-13 
An accidentally-cast spell causes Merlin and Arthur to regress into six-year-olds

-Part 1 - A life half lived - R-15 
A.U- in this reincarnation, Merlin is a famous magician and Arthur a waiter in a bar. The trouble is that only Arthur remembers; can he make merlin remember too?

-Part 2 - A life complete - R-15 
Merlin has his memories back but now he and Arthur have a new problem- Reporters. 

- Masquerade - NC-17 
At a masked ball, Arthur meets an alluring stranger.

- Destiny - PG-13
When he was 12, a fortune teller read Arthur's future...

- Magic Touch - R-15
When subtle hints fail, Merlin has to try something else.

- Confessions - PG-13
Merlin is going to talk to him whether he likes it or not.

- The Gift  - NC-17
It's Arthur's birthday and he receives a present he'll never forget.

The best seat in the house  - NC-17
Arthur and Merlin get adventurous.

- A mile in his shoes  - PG-13
Arthur discovers what it's like to have magic

- A good view - NC-17 Merlin goes skinny-dipping and Arthur watches. Written for Pornbattle XIII: Prompt: Merlin/Arthur, lake

Arthur / Merlin - Pre-slash
~One shots~

- Stormy weather - PG-13
Arthur sees Merlin use his magic when they are forced to shelter for the night in an abandoned cabin.

- Magical malady  - PG-13
Merlin's magic goes haywire when he gets ill.

Other (slash)

- Under the influence  - NC-17 (Merlin / Arthur / Lancelot / Gwaine)
A sorcerer is causing trouble in Camelot and Arthur is sent to track him down. Unfortunately, he finds them first and finds a way to distract them...


- Magical Mystery Tour (Primeval) - R-15 (Slash Arthur / Merlin, Connor / Becker) 
Arthur and Merlin fall through an anomaly and find themselves face to face with the Primeval team. Then the anomaly closes, leaving them stranded. Multi-chapter. 

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