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Magical Mystery Tour - ch1

Fandom    - Primeval / Merlin
Pairing(s) - Connor / Becker, Merlin / Arthur
Summary - Merlin and Arthur accidentally fall through an anomaly and find themselves face to face with the Primeval team. Then the anomaly closes and leaves them stranded.




Magical Mystery Tour



Chapter 1.



“What is that?” Prince Arthur demanded, glaring at Merlin.


Merlin turned and rolled his eyes. “What, you mean that weird sparkling thing in the air that I’ve never seen before? Hmm, let me think…”


That earned him another glare and a martyred sigh. “Why do I put up with you?”


Merlin grinned. “Because you love me so much?” he quipped.


Arthur shook his head but he was smiling back at him as he looked over at the oddity that they had come across in the forest. It had been a relatively uneventful hunting trip so far, with no prey caught due to Merlin’s talent for scaring away any creature that happened to be nearby. The younger man was certainly not designed to be a hunter and he didn’t seem to have even heard of the word ‘stealth’.


In truth, he hadn’t expected to catch anything this weekend, instead using the opportunity to spend time with Merlin away from the castle. It was good to be away from the gossips and constant attention they received there, where he had to keep up the pretence that Merlin was no more than his manservant. These hunting trips were the only chance he got to openly enjoy time with the man he had come to care about.


Crooking his finger to beckon Merlin closer, he snaked an arm around the younger man’s waist and pulled him in for a kiss. Now this was what he tolerated a weekend of no comfortable bed, no decent food and no bathing facilities for.


“Come on,” he said after a moment, releasing Merlin reluctantly. “I wish to investigate this,” he waved his arm in the direction of the glittering light that still hung in the air across the clearing, “whatever it is. I wonder how long it has been there? I have never heard mention of it before.”


Merlin followed as Arthur approached the light cautiously, his sword in hand, ready to use it should the need arise.


“What the-?”


When he was a few feet away from the light, it felt as though the sword was being pulled from his hand by an invisible force and he had to cling on to it. Merlin felt the small dagger he had on his belt being tugged at also and stepped closer for a better view.


Arthur saw Merlin’s foot catch the edge of the rabbit hole in the ground and he stumbled, instinctively grabbing Arthur’s hand to stop himself falling.




It had been a pretty quiet morning at the ARC, and Connor was bored. Abby and Sarah were working on something and kept telling him to be quiet or leave them alone so that they could concentrate and Becker was busy training with his soldiers. He had gone looking for Danny, in the hope that he had something interesting to do but Danny had vanished completely. When the anomaly detector alarm began to sound, Connor practically ran to the control room to see what was happening.


Three hours later, he was wishing he was back in the ARC, being bored. They had been driving non-stop since the alert and he was getting cramp in his leg. Shuffling in his seat brought him closer to Becker and he smiled. Maybe being stuck in a car for this long wasn’t so bad after all…


Becker glanced over at him and smiled a smile that sent a shiver down Connor’s spine, but whatever he was about to say was forgotten as Danny announced that they had arrived. Immediately, Becker was back to business, as was Lieutenant Andrews, the other soldier in the passenger seat.


Connor looked around as Danny pulled the car into the old industrial park. Most of the warehouses were empty now, the entire park waiting to be torn down for urban renewal according to the google search that Connor had done on the location before leaving the ARC.  


“I don’t get it,” Danny said as they got out to search on foot. “Where’s the anomaly?”


Connor checked the handheld detector, frowned, then smacked it against the palm of his hand. Still nothing. He sighed.


“It’s gone.”


Becker suddenly raised his gun. “We have visitors.”


Connor and Danny both turned in the direction he pointed, and saw the two men. They were oblivious to their audience, in the middle of an argument. Judging by their clothing, however, they had to have come through the anomaly.


They both looked up as the second car, carrying Abby, Sarah and the other two soldiers, came further into the car park. The blonde drew a sword and took a defensive stance whilst the dark haired man looked slightly panicked. Putting himself between the cars and the blonde man, he muttered something that Connor didn’t catch and his eyes flashed gold, just for a moment.


Luckily, everyone was out by the time the car burst into flames. A second later it exploded, sending Abby and Sarah diving for cover.


“OK, that’s enough!” Becker yelled at the two men. “Put down your weapons and raise your hands.” When they didn’t move, he snapped the safety off his gun, the other soldiers moving to flank him. “Do it now or I will shoot.”


“Becker? I don’t think they understand you.”


The blonde man narrowed his eyes at Connor. “Of course I understand, you idiot. I just do not take orders from the likes of you.”


“I think you’ll find that you do now,” Becker informed him. “I said, weapons down and raise your hands.” Seeing the looks on their faces, he fired a shot into the tarmac about six feet to their left.


The dark haired man said something to his companion and they both raised their hands. The sword had been sheathed as opposed to put down but Becker figured that was the best they were going to get.


The team approached slowly, the soldiers’ guns still trained on the men, whilst Abby called in to say that they would need new transport home. There was no way that they would all fit into the one remaining car and the smouldering remains of the other wouldn’t be much use.


“You said you understood us,” Connor said to the visitors. They both nodded. “I know you came through the anomaly, and that you’re probably pretty freaked out by now but we aren’t going to hurt you. OK?”


They glanced at each other and then the blonde glared at Connor again.


“Then tell me, why are you treating us as prisoners?”


“Maybe because you attacked us?”


Danny jabbed Connor in the ribs with his elbow and told him to stop provoking the two men, telling them that they could take their hands down, provided they made no attempt to go for their weapons.


Abby came to join them then, pushing her phone back into her pocket. “Lester’s not happy,” she said. “Who are they?”


Connor shrugged his shoulders and Abby readdressed her question to the two men. The blonde puffed out his chest, chin raised proudly.


“I am Arthur Pendragon, Crown Prince of Camelot,” he announced. “This is Merlin.” Merlin smiled self-consciously and offered a half-wave.


Well, Connor thought, at least that explained how the car had blown up. Magic. Wait until they tried explaining that to Lester.




To be continued…



Tags: connor temple / hilary becker, fiction: crossover, fiction: slash, merlin / arthur, tv: merlin, tv: primeval

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