ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Old Town New

Fandom   - Torchwood
Pairing/s  - Jack / Ianto, Gwen / Rhys, John / Loz, Lizzie / Nicholas, Jack / Ianto / John / Loz
Rating      - R-15 for all but chapters 9 and 11, which are NC-17
Summary - Follows on from Eternity. Jack and Ianto return to Torchwood after five years to find a lot of changes and a few old faces.
Spoilers   - Post COE: Day 4, but only brief referrences.

Chapter 1 - Old Town New

Chapter 2 - How Adrian got the job 

Chapter 3 - A day in the life

Chapter 4 - The Debt (1/2) 

Chapter 5 - Tested loyalties (2/2) 

Chapter 6 - Beware of tall, dark strangers. 

Chapter 7 - I want an alien for Christmas

Chapter 8 - Daddy's Girl

Chapter 9 - A comedy of Eros

Chapter 10 - Out of Time (1/2)

Chapter 11 - Out of Time (2/2)

Chapter 12 - The Babysitter's Club


Tags: fiction: het, fiction: slash, gwen cooper / rhys williams, jack harkness / ianto jones, john hart / loz, lizzie parker / nicholas harrington, tv: torchwood

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