ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Fiction: CSI: NY

Slash - Danny Messer / Don Flack
~One shots~

- It started with a kiss... - R-15
Danny inadvertantly lets his feelings for Don come out after a night out at a bar.

- A Bite of the Big Apple - PG-13
The CSI: NY team are followed around by a film crew making a docu-drama about them.

- What happens in Vegas... - PG-13
A night on the town and a bit too much to drink whilst visitng an old friend in Vegas means there's a surprise in store for the guys the next morning.

- A Rookie Mistake - PG-13
A night out at a club sees Danny and Don getting arrested when they try to break up a fight, by a rookie cop who doesn't believe who they are.

- You can leave your hat on - R-15
The team is divided in a men versus women bet. The men lose.

- I saw Danny kissing Santa Claus - PG-13
Don and Danny are volunteered to help with the NYPD's Christmas charity toy distribution.

- Reassurance  - NC-17
Written for Porn Battle XI, prompt: Injury

Tags: index--csi:new york fiction

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