ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Fic: Midnight Manoeuvres

Author: ebonyfeather
Pairing: none
Word Count: 465
Summary: For Fififolle’s denial fandom stocking, using the prompt ‘snow’

Midnight manoeuvres

Lester carefully pulled his car into the ARC carpark, heaving a sigh of relief that someone had bothered to clear it once the snow had stopped. The journey here had been interesting, to say the least, the roads still quite covered after two solid days of snow and the constant freezing temperatures that ensuring that it was due to stay that way for a while.

Still, at least a cleared car park meant he wouldn’t have to work in wet shoes all day, he thought as he made his way to the entrance. He stopped, seeing the building’s staff entrance, and sighed. It looked like the kids had been out playing again.

In front of the entrance were two sentries, one at either side; six-foot-high snowmen that had been dressed in tac vests and caps, the black pebbles on their faces forming stern expressions, and both of them holding… Even Lester had to bite back a smile as he realised they were both holding super soaker water guns that had been painted black.

Well, at least the culprits had the sense not to use real guns.

By noon, the two snowmen had acquired lanyards and name badges.

That evening, he watched Connor say good goodbye to Eric and Brian. He would have worried, except he’d already see two others greet the snowmen on their way back inside from a cigarette break a few hours ago. Apparently, they were part of the staff now.

Still, no one had confessed to building them, leading the rest of the staff to wonder. Lester, of course, knew better. Unable to stand not knowing, he had gone through the CCTV footage for that night.

Around midnight the night before, he’d seen Danny and Becker come out of the door, bundled up in coats and gloves, looking around to make sure no one was out there. It had taken them about an hour to build the two sentries put the pebble faces on, then dress them. There was a brief discussion before Danny ran back inside, reappearing moments later with the two water guns, positioning them in the snowmen’s ‘hands’ before standing back to admire their handiwork. He could see them laugh as they high-fived each other and hurried back inside.

As he was leaving for the night, he found Danny and Becker in the staffroom having just arrived for another night shift. He made sure there was no one else around; he didn’t want anyone to witness what he had to say.

“So, I gather you had a busy shift last night.” He saw the brief, concerned glance they shared before both looked back up at him with blank expressions. “Nice work, gentlemen.”

He waited until he was out of the room before laughing at the surprised look on their faces.


Tags: fiction: gen, tv: primeval

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