ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

FIC: Dinner for two

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Stephen / Ryan
Word Count: 420
Summary: For Cordeliadelayne’s primeval denial fandom stocking, using the prompt “Dinner for two”

Dinner for two

Ryan shuffled, trying to find a comfier spot to sit in. The anomaly hung in the air a shirt distance away, casting a shimmery glow across the trees surrounding it.

He should have been sitting in a restaurant by now, enjoying a nice dinner and even better company, but instead he was sitting on a tree stump in the woods, waiting for the anomaly to close. Someone had to be here to make sure nothing else came through, and that no one came across the barricades and wandered in, and his name had been the top of the rota this time.

He could be here for an hour, or it could be all night; it all depended on the anomaly.

Luckily it was a warm night, meaning he didn’t have to sit in the cramped vehicle all night. He could have a wander around and stretch his legs every so often.

A twig cracking nearby had him on his feet, weapon in hand as he scanned the woods.

“Don’t shoot.”

Ryan relaxed at the sound of Stephen’s voice, seeing the other man approach.

“I thought you’d gone home with the others?”

Stephen set the bag he was carrying onto the ground. “I had some work to finish, but then I thought I’d come back and keep you company,” he said. “Besides, I asked you to dinner. I can’t stand you up on our first date, can I?”

Ryan watched as he went back to his bag and started unloading, setting up a picnic blanket on a clear spot on the ground, then taking out a number of containers of Chinese takeaway and a handful of plastic utensils.

He sat down next to Stephen, accepting the box that was handed to him. It was comfortable, silences stretching comfortably in between quiet conversation. The Chinese food was finished and packed away and Stephen sat back down.

“It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, but this was nice.”

“Eh, we can do a fancy restaurant next time.”

Stephen’s smile widened. “So does that mean I get a second date?”

“Depends how this one ends,” Ryan teased.

He wasn’t disappointed.


Tags: fiction: slash, tom ryan / stephen hart, tv: primeval

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