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Fiction: Torchwood

Captain Jack Harkness / Ianto Jones - Slash

- Hope - PG-13
What if things in Thames House had gone differently in Children of Earth day 4...

- Eternity - R-15
After Thames House, Jack asks the Doctor for help. (Doctor Who crossover)

- Old Town New - NC-17 over all 
Follows on from Eternity. Jack and Ianto return to Torchwood after five years to find a lot of changes and a few old faces. Multi-chapter.

- Black Lace and Toys from Space  - NC-17
Written for a prompt on allaboutjackSomeone in Torchwood has to go undercover. Lucky for Jack and his lover (can be either Gwen or Ianto, but not both) Jack's the only one with the voice and legs for it. Singing Jack in drag! The TW team discover a talent they never knew Jack had, and Jack's lover discovers a kink they never knew they had. Bottom!Jack please. Added bonus if Owen is horrified to find himself turned on (because who doesn't like to have a laugh at Owen's expense) 

- A problem shared  - NC-17
Jack grows tentacles after an accident with an artefact, and he and Ianto find out how much fun they can be.
Written for a prompt on tentacle_fest - Jack gets infected by an alien artefact/creature and grows tentacles overnight. Whether he uses them for tormenting Ianto or tries to keep it a secret from Ianto is up to you.


- A Question of Ownership (Primeval) - R-15
An anomaly in Cardiff brings the Primeval ARC team into contact with Torchwood. Slash- Jack/Ianto, Connor/Becker.
- Trading Places (Primeval) - NC-17 over all
James Lester agrees to a personnel exchange between the Primeval ARC and Torchwood. Multi chapter. Slash- Jack/Ianto, Connor/Becker --- Het- Danny/Gwen.

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