ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Drabble: Keeping warm

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Connor / lester
Notes: For primeval100: challenge 502: Keeping warm.

Keeping warm

Lester was comfortably buried under his duvet, almost asleep when something freezing connected with the back of his leg. He flinched, letting out a yelp that he would deny later.

“My feet are cold,” Connor complained.

“Well you’re not warming them on me!”

“But James…”

Reluctantly, Lester got out of bed and went to rummage in one of the drawers, emerging with a pair of thick wool socks which he tossed to Connor before hurrying to get back under the nice warm duvet.

Connor fidgeted around, putting them on.


“Much.” Connor shuffled closer, and this time Lester let him.

Tags: fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, james lester / connor temple, tv: primeval
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