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Fiction: Chuck

Slash - Chuck / Casey

1 - About last night... - R-15
Casey gets dosed during a mission and says a few things he probably shouldn't have.

2 - What a difference a day makes - NC-17
Follows on from 'About last night...', what happens next?


- Covert Surveillance - PG-13
Casey watches Chuck from afar and then decides to do something about it.

- Taking a chance - PG-13
What if the roles had been reversed at the end of Chuck v's the Seduction?

- The Casey Show - NC-17
Annoyed at Casey for bugging his home once again, Chuck retaliates by planting a few spy-cams of his own in Casey's apartment. What he sees is much more than he bargained for.

- Why me? - R-15
This time, Chuck did stay in the car like they told him to and look how that turned out.

- Mistletoe and Wine - PG-13
It's Christmas party time at the Buy More.

- Fun and Games - R-15
Beer, poker night at the Buy More and... Casey?

- Stakeout - PG-13
Casey regrets taking Chuck along on a stakeout.

- In these arms  - PG-13
For [info]chuck_anonkink prompt: Chuck/Casey, size!kink

Slash - Chuck / Casey
~multi chapter~

- A Knight in shining Nerd Herd armour - R-15
Chuck and Casey get caught up in a bank robbery and, after Casey is injured, it falls to Chuck to save the day.

Slash - Chuck / Awesome

- Watching - R-15
Written for Porn Battle XI, prompt: Workout

- Just married - R-15
Written for a prompt in chuck_anonkink: Chuck wakes up one day married to Awesome. How does he deal with his horny perfect stud of a husband? Chances are he won’t be able to resist. Especially considering the way that Awesome keeps showing off for his benefit.

- Honeymoon - NC-17
Follows on from Just Married. The boys finally get a honeymoon.

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