ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

2 Drabbles: Scientific reason / The life of the party

Fandom: Primeval
Notes: For primeval100: challenge 431: Past prompts.

Pairing: none
Using past prompt: 416 - Scientific reason

Scientific reason

“You want to have a party in the ARC?”

“I thought it would be good for the staff to have some fun. It’s been a rough few months.”

Lester frowned. “I know; I had to fill out the reports.”

Connor tried another approach. “It’s a scientific fact that workers are ten percent more productive when they’re happy…”

“…And sixty-four percent of workers have admitted that they or someone they know has called in sick the day after a staff party,” Lester countered.


Lester sighed. “Okay.”

“Will you come too? It would mean a lot…”

“Oh, if I must.”


Pairing: none
Using past prompt: 419 – The life of the party. Follows on from Scientific Reason

The life of the party

Connor couldn’t believe it had turned out so well. Almost all of the ARC staff were there, laughing and chatting and generally having a good time. What he’d said to Lester was true; they’d had a bad few months and morale was low, but now they all looked happy. Even those who were on call could attend - they’d already been warned to stay away from the punch.

And speaking of the punch…

“You spiked it, didn’t you?” Abby asked, smiling as she watched Lester and Becker dancing to ABBA on the makeshift dancefloor.

“’Couldn’t resist.”

She laughed. “It’s you funeral…”

Tags: fiction: drabble, tv: primeval

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