ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Drabble: All creatures great and small

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: None
Notes: For primeval100: challenge 393: All things bright and beautiful.

All creatures great and small

*prompt used very vaguely. I had absolutely nothing for this one!

Emily indicated to the open church doorway. From inside they could hear the soft sound of Hymns being sung and Emily wished she could stay and listen.

“Are you sure it went in there?” Becker asked, not looking forward to the public relations nightmare that was looming on the horizon.

She indicated to a scuff in the dirt that Becker would never have even noticed had she not pointed it out. Before she could say anything, the singing stopped and they heard a loud scream.

Becker sighed. “Sorry I doubted you,” he told her, hefting his tranquiliser gun. “Let’s go.”

Tags: fiction: drabble, fiction: gen, tv: primeval
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