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Drabbles x 9: Various

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/s: Various
Rating/s: Various
Notes: For primeval100 challenge 333: Past Prompts – using
10: “Claudia Who?”, 21: Devastation, 24: Pollen, 28: Humility, 63: Jurassic, 39: Helen, 50: Desire, 60: Summer, 168: Head over Heels

Title/Prompt: 10 – “Claudia Who?”
Pairing: none

Lester barely looked up from his paperwork at the sound of the knock.

“Come in!”

The door opened and his secretary entered, followed by a young woman. Neither of them spoke, both just stood there, watching him expectantly.

“Sir? This is Claudia Brown.”

The name Claudia rang a vague bell somewhere in his mind but he just couldn’t put his finger on why. Lester frowned up at them, still standing in front of his desk. “Claudia who?”

The young woman stepped forward before his secretary could answer.

“Claudia Brown, Sir James. I believe you were expecting me: I’m your new assistant.”

Title/Prompt: 21 – Devastation
Pairing/s: none

Lester looked around his formerly tidy kitchen in dismay. Chairs The fridge had been opened and rooted through, and the contents of the rubbish bin were scattered across the floor. There was a puddle of milk next to the plastic bottle it had once been in. Leading out of the puddle was a small trail of footprints.

Lester looked around for the culprits, following the trail of footprints into the laundry room. There, curled up on a pile of dirty clothes from the upturned laundry basket, lay Sid and Nancy, fast asleep, obviously worn out from a busy day’s destruction.

Title/Prompt: 24 – Pollen
Pairing/s: none

Becker crouched in the undergrowth, signalling quietly to the rest of his team to circle around the back of the creature that was currently grazing quietly in the clearing. The soldiers silently spread out in an arc, ready to herd it back through the anomaly that was still hovering a short distance away.


The creature in the clearing reared up, making an alarmed sound and fled, blundering through the undergrowth in its haste. Becker and Danny dived out of the way, turning to glare at Connor.

Connor rubbed his nose, looking guilty. “Sorry. Hayfever.”

Danny offered him a handkerchief.

Title/Prompt: 28 – Humility
Pairing/s: Connor / Lester

Lester listened as the team gave their report. It had been a disaster from start to finish and the only good thing that he could see was that no one had been injured more seriously than Becker’s mild concussion.

“That was all thanks to Connor,” Abby said when he voiced that thought.

“He distracted the creature long enough for to get Becker out of there,” Danny continued.

Connor just shrugged his shoulders. “It was nothing.”


That evening, when they got home, Lester pulled Connor in for a kiss. “You shouldn’t put yourself down like that. I’m very proud of you.”

Title/Prompt: 63 – Jurassic
Pairing/s: Connor / Becker

“That’s not right. They aren’t that colour.”

“Well I doubt that the writers had ever seen real dinosaur to base them on.”

“I know.”

“We can watch something else if you want,” he offered but Connor shook his head furiously.

“No! This is one of my favourite films.”

“But you’ve spent the past half hour pointing out the inaccuracies.”

Connor turned to him. “And when we watch action films, don’t you spend most of them telling me all of the flaws in the plot?”

He was right, Becker thought, turning his attention back to the TV, and to Jurassic Park.

Title/Prompt: 39 – Helen
Pairing/s: none

Danny went back to the rocks where it had all ended. From here he could see the small wooden cross perched atop a slightly higher mound of earth a sort distance away. He had buried Helen there, dug into the earth with a flat piece of stone, and while he wasn’t religious, and had no idea if she was, he had made the marker from pieces of wood, strapped together into a cross with one of the straps from her backpack.

He was trapped here, thanks to her, but it had still seemed wrong to just leave her body there.

Title/Prompt: 50 – Desire
Pairing/s: Connor / Lester

Lester gave himself a mental shake and forced himself to look away. It wasn’t right; Connor was his employee, his subordinate, not to mention many years his junior. The lad was messy and over-talkative, he was a magnet for disasters and if there was something to fall over or fall into, Connor would find it. It made no sense. Connor wasn’t his type at all, yet he found himself attracted to the younger man.

Having Connor staying with him was testing his self control. Even while living with Connor’s bad habits, Lester still wanted him. It was driving him crazy.

Title/Prompt: 60 – Summer
Pairing/s: Becker / Matt

Matt let himself into the house, calling Becker’s name a few times, but there was no reply. Dumping his jacket on one of the chairs on his way through the dining room and dropping his bag on the floor, Matt continued to wander through the house following the faint noise he could hear.

When he reached the kitchen, he paused by the window. Out in the back garden Becker was mowing the grass, shirtless, in nothing more than a pair of shorts, a faint sheen of sweat on his skin.

Matt smiled, and went outside to watch. He loved summer.

Title/Prompt: 168 – Head over heels
Pairing/s: Becker / Lester


That one little word had the power to make time stop, to make his heart beat faster, to make him the happiest man alive. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was; sometimes it still all seemed like a dream. He still wondered sometimes what exactly someone like Becker saw in him, why the young man had chosen him when he could have had anyone else that he wanted with just a snap of his fingers. Goodness knew he’d had enough offers, even while they were together. But Becker had just agreed to marry him.

Life couldn’t get much better.

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