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Drabble tree re-posts

Fandom: Primeval
Notes: For primeval_denial: Team fest drabble trees.
Word/Prompt: In bold in each drabble.

Previously posted in the drabble trees but collected up here as I like to keep everything together.

Title: Not alone
Character: Matt Anderson
Pairing: Matt/Becker

Matt crouched, laying the fresh blossoms on his father’s grave. It had been just the two of them for so long and now he felt completely alone- his only family, his link to his own world, was gone.

A hand on his shoulder told him that Becker was there, waiting, and he smiled. No, he corrected himself, he wasn’t alone here. He had a man who loved him, friends he trusted. He had a good life.

Eventually he stood, taking the hand that Becker offered to help him up, not letting go as they walked out of the cemetery together.

Title: The morning after
Character: Philip
Pairing: Philip/Lester/Connor

Philip blamed the wine. And Connor for continually filling his glass, and James for looking so good in that pinstripe suit, but mainly the wine. How else could he explain waking up in Lester’s bed, with both him and Connor wrapped around him, asleep.

Much of last night was still hazy but he recalled Connor kissing him before clothing was tossed aside with alcohol-fuelled abandon and the three of them fell into bed together.

As he plotted his escape, Connor yawned, opening his eyes. He smiled and, as Connor’s hands began to wander, all thoughts of leaving fled Philip’s mind.

Title: Play your cards right
Character: Connor Temple
Pairing: Connor/Danny/Becker

In hindsight, Connor thought, Danny suggesting that they play poker for clothes rather than cash should have been his first warning when he joined them for a game at Becker’s house on evening.

An hour later, he was down to his boxers, while Danny and Becker remained half-dressed. Even the hands they’d lost he was sure had been intentional.

From the looks that passed between them, and cast over him, he had a feeling that they’d planned this all along.

“So, Connor, since you’re already undressed… you want to stay?”

Connor considered what they were offering, and smiled, nodding.


Title: Play time
Character: James Lester
Pairing: Lester/Connor

Lester eyed the handcuffs that dangled from Connor’s fingers. When Connor had first suggested this, he’d been sceptical, but he had to admit that the thought of Connor cuffing him and having his way was a huge turn on.

“Dare I ask where you got those?”

Connor smiled. “Borrowed them from Becker.”

“Oh God.” Lester could imagine the smirks he was going to get from Becker tomorrow. Then he frowned. “Hang on; why does he have them?”

“Apparently Danny likes playing cops and robbers.”

Now that sounded like fun…

“So, Officer Temple, what are you going to do with me?”

Title: Relief
Character: Hilary Becker
Pairing: Becker/Matt

Becker hadn’t cried since he was six and he wouldn’t start now. The others needed him to keep them together even if he was falling apart inside as they watched the building that Matt had just driven into collapse. He couldn’t believe that the man he’d shared his life and his bed with for the past year, was gone.

When they saw the figure emerge from the dust cloud, Becker stared, stunned. It couldn’t be…

But it was and, as he pulled Matt into his arms, he let the tears of relief fall.

“’Thought I’d lost you.”

“Never,” Matt promised.

Tags: connor temple / danny quinn / hilary bec, fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, fiction: threesome, james lester / connor temple, matt anderson / hilary becker, philip burton / connor temple / james le, tv: primeval
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