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London Calling...

Just a few pics from my trip to London last week. I had a great time; I got there at about noon on Friday and spent the afternoon in the British Museum. I stayed overnight and then set off on Saturday toward Covent Garden for a look around, walking around Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square and going down as far as Waterloo Bridge before heading to the Natural History Museum for the afternoon.

I had a walk around the Darwin Centre while at the Natural History Museum, looking at the weird things in jars- it’s odd, but the stuffed animals in the NHM give me the creeps, but give me those same things either as skeletons or in a jar of preservative liquid and it somehow becomes cool.

Favourite bits? I did love the Egypt exhibition in the British Museum; the huge carved cat that stands near the entrance to it is brilliant. Some of the precious stones and minerals in the NHM are gorgeous- crystals, diamonds, opals, seams of gold still in the rock and even a piece of Mars rock. And of course, the dinosaur and the mammoth skeletons.

And this time, I actually remembered to take pictures! These are all from either the Natural History Museum or the British Museum. There is absolutely no pattern to what I take photos of, however- it’s just things I think are cool as I’m wandering about. Half of the time, I’ve forgotten what they were called or when/where they were from by the time I’ve moved onto the next shiny thing. Usually, that is the nearest sword, dagger or piece of jewellery as that’s what I gravitate towards even when I’m not really intending to.

(just click on any of them for a larger version)

From the Egypt exhibition...

The huge stone cat from the entrance.

The giant scarab beetle...

Things I thought were pretty...

Roman swords!

I love this one. Thre's another a bit further along, too.

These are little bronze statues (Roman, I think). Cerberus, the three headed
dog that guards the gates of the underworld.

A snake

And a pair of scorpians.

This, I just thought was pretty. The detail on it is lovely.

Little scent/oil jars (hedgehog, and a lion)

The Easter Island statue
(I think I've seen Night at the Museum too many times as
I always picture the one in that film saying "Dum Dum")

These are tiny, detailed pendants, probably used as amulets

More pretty swords and daggers.

If I ever find a replica of this I want one for my sword collection!

And then the dinosaurs!

And the mammoth!

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