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Drabbles: Drabble trees (Emily, Helen, April)

Fandom: Primeval
Notes: For primeval_denial: Team fest drabble trees.
Word/Prompt: In bold in each drabble.

Previously posted in the drabble trees but collected up here as I like to keep everything together.

Title: Sharing
Character: Emily
Pairing: Emily/Jess

Emily stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash away the mud from today’s creature chase. It had been a long day and she was looking forward to spending a nice, quiet evening with Jess. A cool draught made her jump as she heard the door slide open.

Jess just stepped in, pressing closer, skin to skin, and closing the door.

“I thought you might need some help washing your back…”

Emily smiled. “And perhaps a few other areas?”

Jess laughed softly, leaning in and kissing her neck, hands roaming over Emily’s body.

“I think I can manage that.”

Title: Fairytale ending
Character: Emily
Pairing: Emily/Jess

When she was little, her mother had read her fairytales of the handsome Prince who would ride up on his horse, sweeping the Princess away to his castle to be adored for the rest of her life. As a child, Emily had believed that when she grew up, she too would find her Prince Charming.

Henry shattered that dream for her: he may have played the role to outside observers, but she knew differently.

Now, looking across to Jess, asleep next to her in bed, Emily smiled. Maybe the fairytales weren’t completely wrong. Maybe sometimes, the Princesses ran away together.

Title: Guilty
Character: Helen
Pairing: None


The gavel slammed down, the verdict echoing around the courtroom, and Helen felt her panic rising. Creatures she could handle, but this? She would spend the rest of her life in prison, because how could she explain the horrendous crimes they were charging her with, she hadn’t done. She didn’t even belong in this world.

As the anomaly opened in the courtroom, Helen ignored the cries and panic of the other people. She elbowed her guards aside and dived though it, uncaring of where it led or what dangers lay on the other side.

Anywhere was better than this.

Title: The Early Days
Character: Helen
Pairing: None

When she had first followed the creature through the sparkling light, it never occurred to her that what was on the other side could be another world; in her wildest dreams she could never have imagined a gateway into the past existing, never mind one appearing right in front of her.

Sometimes, Helen wondered if she would still have followed her curiosity if she’d known that the past six months would have been spent fighting for her life. Sitting high in the tree branches and looking out over the beautiful prehistoric landscape, Helen smiled.

She wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Title: Geek
Character: April
Pairing: None

Geek. It was a word she’d heard so many times throughout her life. At school it was used as an insult every time she had expressed an interest in science beyond what her classmates considered cool. When she got the job a Prospero in research and development, she thought that maybe it would be different, that she’d fit in there, but her colleagues didn’t warm to her at all.

Connor had. They shared a love of science, of sci-fi television shows and comic books. April saw a kindred spirit in him, looking forward to the time she spent with him.

Title: The Real Me
Character: April
Pairing: None

April dumped that horrible cardigan unceremoniously on the floor, followed by the rest of what she thought of as her ARC disguise. She was so tired of having to remember who she was supposed to be each day: At the ARC, she pretended to be Connor’s geeky assistant: At Prospero, she was Philip’s right-hand-woman, tight black dress, heels and all.

Slouching on the sofa in a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt, she picked up the TV remote, propping sock-covered feet on the coffee table, and relaxed. This was the one time of day where she could be herself.

Tags: fiction: drabble, fiction: femmeslash, fiction: gen, jess parker / emily merchant

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