ebonyfeather (ebonyfeather) wrote,

Drabbles: Forgiven

Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/s: Matt/Becker
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 x 5
Notes: For primeval100challenge 250: Past challenges
Using prompts: 5- Moonlight and forgotten, 146- There’s no I in team, 6- In the bedroom, 128- Promises, promises, 109- first time


Matt was sitting on the wall in the car park, in the only visible in the faint moonlight, when Becker finally left the ARC. He’d spent the past two hours making sure his men were alright and trying to explain to Lester why they’d had gone into a creature infested building without waiting for backup in the first place.

“Becks, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put anyone in danger.”

Becker sighed. “I know, but you still did it. Come on, let’s go home. It’s been a long day and I’m knackered.”

“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

Becker didn’t answer.


Matt had already had a lecture from Becker, and from Lester, about not being a team player when he ran off and did his own thing, but that was just how he worked. He was used to making his own decisions and being responsible for himself, no one else. Even though he’d been in this time for many years, he had always been apart from everyone else thanks to the secret he carried. Now Becker knew, as did the team, but he still kept having to remind himself that he didn’t have to do things on his own any more.


Matt watched as Becker got undressed, tossing his clothes in the laundry hamper before climbing into bed. He’d said it was forgotten, but the look on his face said otherwise.

“Becks, are you still mad at me? I said I was sorry.”

Becker shrugged his shoulders. “So? Sorry means you’re not going to do it again but then you say that every time.” He turned to look at Matt for the first time since they arrived home. “Don’t you get it? I don’t want you throwing yourself into danger because I don’t want to have to watch you get hurt.”


Matt got into bed beside Becker, his hand on Becker’s shoulder to stop him turning away. It had never occurred to him that Becker was worried, rather than getting annoyed because Matt wouldn’t follow orders. Only now did it occur to him how stupid he’d been not to see it.

“I can’t promise you that I’m never going to get hurt, or that I can avoid every dangerous situation, but I will be more careful from now on.”

Becker still didn’t look entirely convinced that he’d stick to it, but at least he relaxed a little.

“That’s all I’m asking.”


The following day, as the creature stomped through the streets, Matt checked the settings on his EMD, heading off after it.

Then he paused.

With a quick glance at Becker, he went back, noting the relieved smile on his lover’s face. He didn’t miss the amused look that passed between Abby and Connor, or the whipping motion that Connor mimed.

Nor did he care. He had Becker now: For the first time in his life he had a reason to make sure he came home safely at night. He just couldn’t believe he had taken so long to realise it.

Tags: fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, matt anderson / hilary becker, tv: primeval
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