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Drabbles x 3: Nick Cutter

Fandom: Primeval
Word count: 3 x 100
Notes: From the primeval_denial: challenge:teamfest Nick Cutter drabble tree. These have all been posted there but, as I like to keep everything together, I’m collecting them all up into one post.

Title: Plus one
Words/prompt: shopping
Pairing/s: Nick/Lester

“If you intend to accompany me tonight, you need to dress appropriately,” Lester said, eyeing Nick’s jeans and scruffy t-shirt. “And as you don’t own a decent suit…”

Nick sighed. He should have known that Lester’s threat to make him dress up hadn’t been an empty one. Why had he agreed to be Lester’s plus one? Fancy political dinners weren’t exactly his style.

It was important to Lester, however, and so he’d agreed. Besides, Lester did look sexy in a tuxedo…

“Fine, but you’re coming with me.”

If Nick had to go shopping, he wasn’t doing it on his own.

Title: Water
Words/prompt: water
Pairing/s: Nick/Stephen

Nick watched Stephen pull himself out of the pool to sit on the side, his eyes following the water droplets as they streamed down the toned planes of Stephen’s body. He swallowed hard, trying in vain to tear his eyes away from the sight.

He could see Abby watching, Connor too, and he saw the younger man lick his lips unconsciously, a smile on his face. As usual, Stephen was oblivious to the attention.

Nick wasn’t worried about Connor, or Abby for that matter. At the end of the day, it was him that Stephen would be going home with.

Title: Tuxedo
Words/prompt: tuxedo
Pairing/s: Nick/Lester

Nick pulled the tuxedo jacket on and eyed himself critically in the mirror.

“I look ridiculous,” he complained as Lester walked around him in a circle, examining him. “You’re going to make me wear a tie as well, aren’t you?”

Lester finally stood back to admire. “Of course. And you do not look ridiculous. In fact, you look rather dashing,” he said, ushering Nick into the changing room and locking the door before backing Nick up against it to kiss him senseless.

If Nick had known that formal wear got Lester this excited, he wouldn’t have resisted for so long.

Tags: fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, nick cutter / james lester, stephen hart / nick cutter, tv: primeval

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