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Drabbles x 4: Tom Ryan

Fandom: Primeval
Word count: 4 x 100
Notes: From the primeval_denial: challenge:teamfest Tom Ryan drabble tree. These have all been posted there but, as I like to keep everything together, I’m collecting them all up into one post.

Title: Hot showers
Words/prompt: hot showers
Pairing/s: Ryan/Connor

Ryan had seen him casting surreptitious glances his way every few minutes as they stood under the hot showers, washing away the grime they had accumulated during their last dinosaur hunt. It had been messy and cold, but thankfully no one had got hurt.

Eventually, he couldn’t stand it any longer. It was just the two of them now, everyone else having left, and he moved over to Connor.

The young man jumped at Ryan’s touch, turning around with wide eyes. Still, his gaze roamed the length of Ryan’s body, as his cheeks flushed.

“Do you see something you like?”

Title: Jeans
Words/prompt: jeans
Pairing/s: Ryan/Connor

Connor couldn’t help but stare. The faded blue jeans were old and worn, tight enough to sculpt to Ryan’s arse, and with tantalising frays and rips in various places. At the moment, Connor’s eyes were drawn to a small tear just below the left back pocket, parting each time Ryan moved and allowing him a glimpse at skin below.

He smiled when he realised what he couldn’t see.

“Are you wearing anything under them?”

Ryan grinned. “Come over here and find out for yourself.”

He was rewarded seconds later with an armful of enthusiastic Connor for a very thorough investigation.

Title: Comfort
Words/prompt: vicious creatures
Pairing/s: Ryan/Connor

Ryan felt Connor’s body shudder with each sob even though he tried to hide it. They had lost two good men today, friends, as they tried to keep the vicious creatures at bay. They had protected Connor but it had cost them their lives.

Connor hadn’t come away completely unscathed, the bandages on his arm and torso a testament to that.

Ryan was a soldier and soldiers didn’t let their emotions rule their heads. Lying here, however, he felt the telltale sting of tears and he blinked them away as he realised how close he had come to losing Connor.

Title: Embarrassed
Words/prompt: embarrassed
Pairing/s: Ryan/Connor

Ryan had fought wars and faced dinosaurs but this made him want to run for cover. Some of Connor’s old friends had invited him for a drink and he wanted them to meet Ryan.

“Please?” Connor asked, using the puppy-eyes that usually got his own way.

What the hell was he going to talk to a bunch of geeks and conspiracy theorists about? And if they were anywhere near as smart as Connor, he was going to look like the dumb soldier, more brawn than brains. This was a bad idea; he didn’t want Connor to be embarrassed by him.

Tags: connor temple / tom ryan, fiction: drabble, fiction: slash, tv: primeval
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