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Yearly totals and writing meme 2011

It's time for an end of year round up, with totals and a writing meme. So, here goes...

My 2011 word counts-
Total= 189,973

Made up of-
Primeval= 156,300
Other= 33,673
(other= combination of fic for Supernatural (1), Burn Notice (1), Death in Paradise (3 and a half), Sirens (4), Merlin (2), CSI:NY (1), NCIS (1), Chuck (3), Sarah Jane Adventures (2), ST:Voyager (1))

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

I was a bit surprised when I looked at my total, and more so when I realised that over 150,000 words of that was Primeval.

What's your favourite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?

If we’re talking Primeval fic, then Bad Place Alone. I’d already decided that Ethan wasn’t evil, just completely screwed up. This has since turned into my personal head-canon of what happened to Ethan when he went through the anomaly to turn him from Patrick Quinn to Ethan Dobrowski.
From other fandoms, it would have to be Distraction Techniques, which was Due South (Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser). It’s just a short fic, with Ray teasing Fraser while he’s on guard duty at the Consulate, telling him all the naughty things he'll do to Fraser to see if he can make him react.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

I wrote a few fandoms I hadn’t before (thanks to prompts from pornbattle) and also a few new kinks. Actions and Reactions was a Becker/Ethan rape fic, which I’d written before but never dared to post.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

For fanfic? To get back into writing some of my other fandoms (NCIS, Merlin, Mentalist, Torchwood) and also to do the primeval100 drabble each week. I am determined to start writing original fiction again too, something I got distracted from a while ago.

My Best Story of the Year

That would be Down among the Dead Men - Matt and Becker come back to find the world overrun by the walking dead. I was really pleased with how well that one turned out.

Story Most Under Appreciated by the Universe in My Opinion

Changes - a Michael/Sam Burn Notice fic (again for pornbattle). Not many people seem to agree with me that those two really need slashing, but those who have commented over on ff.net have been lovely and enthusiastic.

Most Fun Story

A Primeval/Bill and Ted crossover- Matt and Becker’s Excellent Adventure- without a doubt! That one was so much fun to write.

Most Sexy Story

I’m not sure, so I’m going to go for most fun with kinks instead and choose Jumping the gun, which was Becker/Danny gun porn.

Hardest Story to Write

Pretty much any where it’s the first time I’ve dabbled in the fandom. I’m always nervous the first one I write in case I haven’t managed to get the voices right.

Biggest Surprise

Managing to write 56 drabbles back in March for the ‘how many past prompts can you write in a week’ challenge on primeval100.

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