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I've been posting fiction on various sites for a while and figured I'd get it all together in one place. So, some of these have been on Archive Of Our Own (AO3) (as ebonyfeather), NCISfiction (as gothic-angel), (as vespertine dreams), primevalarchive (as ARC_angel), or merlinfic (as dark angel). I also use Dreamwidth (as ebonyfeather) as a mirror journal.

Feedback and comments are always welcome- seriously, I'd like to know what you think. 

WARNING - Pretty much everything on here is slash so, if you aren't comfortable with that, it's your choice whether or not you read on.   

DISCLAIMER - Just so I don't have to add it onto each and every thing I post, I'd like to point out that I don't own any of the rights or recognisable characters used in my fics. I'm just borrowing them to play with for a little while.

There is an index down the left hand side for fanfiction by fandom, as well as links to my books and a list of sites I like, so feel free to have a look around.